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Female Led Relasionships, P.E.,
1 | 35 views | 10/28/2015, 20:19

This may be of interest to those whom have been in- or are interested in- a Female Led Relationships. I do not wish this to become only a sexual a discussion, as one common basis for many FLR''s is based on female worship and a non-contact sexual euphoria. The partners often use methods to encourage fulfillment of all the females’ desires, while the admirer receives love and gratification through the female.

For a start, check out some replies to my initial forum post in the "partnership and love" section. You will see there is an impression FLR''s are about having a man do the housework, but that is far from its only basis! It is more cerebral and extremely intimate sharing of needs, desires, trust and love.

I will add to this Blog over time, and hope those in or who have used power exchange and FLR's as a very successful, enjoyable and mutually fulfilling relationship lifestyle, to comment. If you have specific questions, much info is found on Google...but I would also be happy to help all members by relating my own experiences.


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