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Let children learn and experience life 4 themselve
0 | 13 views | 03/23/2018, 14:37

Todays rant. March 23/18....As parents, we wish for our kids to thrive and be independent, successful adults. Did you know that one of the factors interfering with that wish is being overly involved, also known as, “helicopter parenting?” A helicopter parent is one who pays extremely close attention to their child’s experiences. In other words, an overprotective parent who “hovers,” solves all their child’s problems and makes most of their decisions. Although parents have the best intentions to protect and help their children, like most things in life, over doing it can be harmful and affect children into their adulthood. Helicopter parenting interferes with a child’s ability to develop independence, self-esteem, self-worth as well as the ability to problem solve.  There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for your child, but giving your child an opportunity to experience getting dirty, other kids not sharing, falling in love and knowing heartbreak, making mistakes will help them learn and develop independence. Just let your kids live for Christs sakes. You lived your life and experienced it all, let the strings go and let them live theirs.  I hope this sinks in. My rant for today. 


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