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It never stops amazing me how much life can change in a heartbeat, just when you think you will never meet someone that thinks like you and that you can trust - you do... I have so many changes in my life since December 2014 when I lost my home and everything in a Electrical House Fire and thought my life was over,  How wrong I was - it was only just beginning!!  they say God never closes a door without first opening a window and I know nowthis is true, Life is hard but as long as we are breathing and waking up each morning we have to keep going and it is up to us and only us to decide how we will keep going... I choose to wake up each day with a smile on my face and happieness in my heart & no matter how old I get or ackes and pain now and then as we all get as we age, I will think YOUNG to stay young, once you start thinking your old your body complies and you become old... I for one will fight the good fight against this to my dieing breath!!

Dance like No one is looking, Sing like you have talent to do so, keep smiling even when things get rough which they will from time to time - And ALWAYS thank GOD for all the wonderful things in your life and Count your Blessings!!!  Hugs to all...


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