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Living a healthy life
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As we age, our body changes, so what can we do about it?  First of all, check with your doctor to have blood test done, your A1C, if it to high can cause weight gain.  Have your T3 and T4 check out as well, it can have an effect on weight gain. Hypothryoism will cause weight gain as well as Type ll diabetes, these are common with adults as we age. 

Fasting won't help if you have one or both of the above mention, but maintaining a healthy diet and excercise will help to control your weight and be active.

Your doctor or Dietitian will help you in what you need to keep healthy, they will recommend you a diabetic diet.  Join a gym, or some sort of excercise class where you can learn to control your lifestyle.  If you don't have a Dietitian, you doctor should recommend you one.

Fasting is common with religious beliefs, but must watch out because you can pass out if your sugar level is low.  Vitamin supplement can help you.

Eating this diet isn't just for diabtic, it healthy for everyone, doctor will tell you that this diet is the best diet after you have your blood test done. As yoru blood test will determine what the problem is.


There are lots of information on line about keeping yourself healthy with your everyday life that will match with your illness. 


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