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Long Term Relationship
0 | 82 views | 01/25/2019, 17:44

This is based on my experience and opinion but I will except helpful advise. I'm in a long term relationship we both agreed no marrage meaning church bell wedding. I been in this relationship for 8 years now, and had caught him cheating last year and talked it over but I never truely regain full trust. My sistuation is unique, as my partner family history all are bi-polar. I have stressful days and can't help feeling being intrapment as I live with him in his house. He still refuse to tell others of our relationship, he continue to tell his work he is single, he refuse to be common law, so in my eyes we are in a cohabitable relationship. Since I am stressed and get depressed due my relationship I feel I should leave, which I plan once I am finacially stable again. 


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