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My parents
0 | 18 views | 05/11/2018, 14:20

As I am now retired I try not to follow the path of my parents and their retirement.  There are no rules to retirement, but rather a predescribed way of life.  That's not what I want.  I want to enjoy life while I can.  But right now I have two aging parents with health issues that keep my time occupied with helping them.  My father is fiercly independent and wants to do it himself.  But his age of 89 and heart problems, asthma,poor balance and of course his stubbornness make it a challenge. My father spends all his time in his apartment living in front of his computer.  My mother lives alone, as they are divorced and sits in front of TV watching this my inevitable future?  How do I keep from falling into that hole?  


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