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It's not easy to imagine that driving a rig bigger and more powerfull than a bus can be intoxicating, but it is. There's something to be said about sitting up high and looking down on the civilian traffic (and their peccadilloes and worse) and realizing someone could get hurt or die if things go bad. My most recent trip was made in zero plus or minus one degree C and freezing rain almost all of the way.
It managed to stop raining after unloading was complete and I was thoroughly soaked, funny how things always seem to work out like that!
 Earlier in the week I had noted that the remote control was not working for the passenger side mirror, a minor problem to be brought to the attention of the garage staff on my next visit.
 It was well before dawn but I could see ice forming on my mirrors so I turned on the mirror heat and.....nothing, another minor problem. At this point one has to wonder "why me"
 Keeping it on the straight and narrow and staying as far right as I dared and carried on.
 Nearing my destination the temperature rose to just above freezing and the ice melted away so home free!
 The return portion of the trip was on the "big street" as we call it, the busiest super highway in North America. An unevential trip ensued, even the truck inspection station was closed, until I neared the city center portion of the trip when I hit a bone jarring bump in the road. The passenger side mirror went askew and I could see nothing relevant to helping a lane change to pull over to fix it even if there was a place to do so.The drivers side mirror also went askew, all I could see was the side of the cab, to make matters worse it also requires a stop to fix. Having two busy lanes to my left and two merging from the right, what was once an annoyance has now become unsafe, a recipe for disaster. I tried the remote for the passenger side mirror and low and behold it worked! It must have been jolted back to life, I could now see to the right,traffic had slowed quite a bit due to congestion so I undid my seat belt leaned out my window while steering with my right hand (feet free rather than hands free driving) and re-adjusted the drivers side. I remember wondering what other motorists were thinking when they saw me do this but all's well that ends well so c'est la vie! Yes I did tighten the mirrors at trips end and on reflection realize sometimes you have to get off your ass to accomplish anything.
 Happy motoring all, keep the shiney side up.


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