21 Things To Let Go Of To Live A Happy Life

1. Excuses
Leave no chance for excuses. Avoid offering excuses for not accomplishing tasks. Excuses are mere justifications that only make you feel better for failing to achieve or do something you intend or need to do. Find the time and resource constraint necessary to do the task.
2. The Approval of Others
Stop bothering yourself about other people’s opinions and thoughts. When making personal decisions, consider your happiness first. Only engage in actions that will better your life.
3. Procrastination
Be present and deal with the tasks and issues at hand. Stop thinking that you will manage the task at hand some other time or day. Make maximum use of your time as much as possible. Completing each task as soon as possible frees you from worry, stress, and ultimately makes you happy. It also offers you the time to enjoy those things you love.
4. Toxic Beliefs and Relationships
Some individuals are openly malicious and poisonous. On the other hand, there are those that are naively subtle and responsible for our failures because of their inherent insecurities and envies. Despite not being responsible for anyone’s emotions, you are supposed to act with care, respect and decency. However, if you do so and someone still intends to make you fail, then you should let go of the person.
Be aware of toxic beliefs dictating what you feel and think. Don’t allow negative people to influence your inner monologue. Ensure to surround yourself with true cheerleaders who want you to be happy and truly believe in you.
5. Insecurity
Maintain high levels of self-esteem. Accept who you are and strive to better yourself. Happy people exude confidence and offer positive vibes. Always seek to change the things you are self-conscious about. You don’t need to be insecure.
6. Impossible Standards
If you had big ambitions in life and are still struggling to achieve them, let go of them, forgive yourself and accept yourself for not being superhuman. Note that there isn’t such a thing as self-made. To live a happy life, you don’t need to be a superhuman. A happy life emanates from setting S.M.A.R.T goals.
7. A sense of entitlement
Many people often find themselves wondering “Why me?”. However, if you treat yourself as being ordinary and susceptible to anything, then you will acknowledge failure and the phrase “Why not?”
8. Guilt
Be responsible for your mistakes. Own them, forgive yourself and make amends. Being responsible and remorseful forms the first step towards recovery.
9. Let go of Comparison
Don’t compare your life to those of others. Remember that you only get the chance to see the highlight reel of those people you are comparing yourself with. Comparing ultimately makes one unhappy.
10. Controlling Everything
Note that the only thing within our control is our own reactions and attitudes. Always seek to find happiness right where you are, regardless of how things turn out.
11. Attachment to Money
Do not amass tremendous wealth at the expense of your happiness. Once you attain your basic needs and savings plans, ensure to evaluate the trade-off between more money and other life goals, including happiness.
12. Let Go of the Past
Avoid getting stuck on your regrets, anger and old wounds. Thinking and lingering in the past cannot change anything about it. Be present and occupy yourself with something productive or fun.
13. Assuming You Can’t
Many times, we limit our possibility by assuming we can’t master some things in life. However, if you stop assuming and keep on trying, you will achieve the impossible. Assumption is just a blockade between you and your full potential.
14. Poor Health Habits
Your body is the embodiment of your visions, goals and purpose in life. It is the mechanism that will enable you to attain all that you desire and hope for. Poor body health will undermine everything you hoped for. Ensure you eat well, rest enough, and exercise daily.
15. Gossip
Despite being fun and engaging, gossip is also hurtful to others and demeaning to yourself. Shun gossip.
16. Neglecting Your Engagement/Marriage
If you’re engaged or married, make your partner/spouse your centerpiece. Express your love on a daily basis. Prioritize your relationship and grow together.
17. Worrying About Future
The future will always be uncertain. Stop worrying about the future, be present and maximize on today for a better tomorrow.
18. Overthinking
Overthinking is bad for your happiness. It doesn’t help – simply take a deep breath and calm down. Let it go.

19. The Herd Mentality
Be smart and listen to your inner voice when making decisions.
20. A Job You Detest
Don’t cling to a job that does not satisfy your soul. Do something you love.
21. Considering Seeking Help as Being Weak
Let go of the illusion that asking for help is being weak. Asking for help denotes courage, strength and determination.