31 years ago today, three dozen English musicians gathered in a London studio to record Do They Know It’s Christmas for the sole purpose of raising money to send food to starving families in Ethiopia. Music sales for Band Aid, the world’s first charity super-group raised $14 million. (1984) 

Watch their music video, starring a young Phil Collins, Sting, Paul McCartney, and Bono, below 

Wow 31 years ago seams like yesterdayImage 
Great to hear this clip again :D
It lead me to the current one
Here is the 2014 Band Aid Christmas clip
so inspiring to see people work together for a higher
And Who organized the original, 
Got ppl to appear for free, and then went on to put together Live Aid,
An Irishman of course, Bob Geldof, (who tragically lost his wife and daughter to ODs)
20yrs apart, and Midge Ure of course, and Bob is still a great humanitarian all these yrs later. 
really scrummy, them Irish is some good ppl
amazing when ppl work together