Your first reaction to some video montages may be, “Someone had too much time on their hands…” But after watching this one, you’ll be glad they put in the effort. This amazing video pairs clips from a parade of old Hollywood musicals with matching beats from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk,” so seamlessly, you’ll swear the hit song had to have been featured in “Singing in the Rain.”


Video link below

I have to admit these guys did an amazing job of pulling this off 
wow, :D much appreciated Richard
Totally I need to brush off those
dance shoes and get movin.
Great idea livefree we all need a little dance and music in our lives.
I miss the days of the great musicals, Seven brides for seven brothers, Camelot, Sound of music, Fiddle on the roof, too many to choose from. but let me leave you with this. 
The great musicals...what an era gone past. :( Great that we have recordings to watch to know and to remember
Dance is a very important part of my life.....without it my fitness level would be reduced considerabley. It became important following two hip replacements some years back. It also helps mentally ....increasing concentration. There are many types of dancing and l recommend you find one to suit your requirements......... :D  :D  :D
Full, I saw the movie, Dances With Wolves,
Does that count.