JustKiddin6490 wrote: Fern this is so beautiful I want to share my story
My son passed away in 2007 in a car accident and my ex was bringing his girlfriend to our home immediately and left 4 months later to move in with her. The stress of my sons death then my divorce has caused so much havoc in my life I try to live normally but trust is a huge issue, you give me hope reading this that there is better out there for me thank you for sharing your story! 


I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. My heart goes out to you. I know the pain of a marriage ending; that is my life now, but, I am trying to focus on spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical self-care. It's moving forward, one day at a time, finding small reasons to smile, and even, surprise, surprise, to laugh! I've made some friends on this site who are blessings to me. Wishing you peace and sending you love, J
Fern, thank you so much for sharing. I love this poem. this is a great learning tools for me. 

I got my own story too! And true I made my own decisions so true, or excuses, but one big one was I couldn't leave my special needs son behind because women shelters won't let you bring a special needs adult age not that he was that age he was 4 to 7 mentally. I understood the women there might be scared to see my special needs son, his age, because they never saw my son, so I wonder if they could of tried to help me just with what to do or go? But they didnt!
My abuse was my fault? Well if I touch his pans he'll beat me up gave me a stroke! Etc.
More, he paid our kids to help him hurt me. He used girl friends lying to these women to help him, one went thru the trash he was worried I guess I thru something away? Several told him when I left and came home etc
Well message don't believe your men when like my ex told them I could hurt him?????! NO, but he was good at wearing faces! Well I hope they find out before he comes around and without warning he hits or chokes or kicks U will see how mentally disturb he is.....even my doctor said he was......but no matter how many times I called 911 from beating me or one of our kids too, he got away and only once he was in jail, today I am injured with too many things.
I had to forgive them in my Bible in John it tells me to forgive. Its hard but working on
I'm leaving out as u know so much....
God Bless you and plan, plan save save u better get out
Don't be me!