Is my website. If you go into my gallery you can view some of the photos of my work I posted. Also please sign my guestbook. i am interested in hearing feedback from posters.
thank you been for the conversation that was generated via chat. Namaste!
Jen:  Your work is very sensual...I like it very much.  I do a bit of sculpture myself and it has been a very long time.  I have the opportunity here to have a studio.  I sure hope it works out.
I am new here. Saw this forum on artist. It is just my hobby. But love it. Watching a blank canvas come alive. Hi to all here. I work with pastels. And paint animals and portraits. 
Good day all…..I'm a professional artist, been one all my life and am looking for someone to share my love of the arts. I paint in watercolours, acrylics, use pastels, do an alternative photography and paint sets for theatre, give studio classes in my country place…whew, I keep busy. Chat me up if you are interested! Nearest city…Ottawa.
Hi..yes I'm an artist on my free time..oil on canvas mainly..it's my passion but have to make a living so weekends only unless I'm up early and I may attempt a short session before work!
I like to paint, draw, sketch. I use acrylics, chalks, pencils.
Just a few.
i've been drawing and painting for a long time, in oils, mostly. but now, since i received a tablet for my birthday back in June, i've added exploring digital art and find it quite interesting. also, am interested in exploring what they call "anamorphic art" which is kind of optical illusion chalk paintings made by artists on sidewalks and driveways in the big cities -- there are truly awesome artists -- hoping i can produce such paintings, not on the sidewalks (too hard on the knees!) but on canvas. 
Hi there...looking for a fellow artist. Male, 50something years (very) young, tons of ideas in my weary head, I need someone to bounce off (not necessarily physically), someone to relate to. Creativity is very hard to contain, but it's hard to find someone to share it with. Done the art college thing, a compulsive doodler. Bits of negativity around at the moment, but looking to scupper all that and could do with a little help. Got lots of good to share too. Would appreciate a line or two. Thanks y'all.
friendface wrote:
ElliH123 wrote: I enjoy painting, I use acrylics. I like colours, I paint flowers, animals, portraits.
I will post a few of my painting on this site. I hope to connect with some people. Have a great day to anyone reading this.

I'm an artist also,I paint in acrylics.I have been painting for about 15yrs now.Love to see some of your work

Hi ElliH & Friendface... I want to get started with acrylics. Got any advice/suggestions? Thank you both in anticipation. Ed.
Hi my name is lewis charles ,but my friends call me charlie. Love drawing and painting. to see some of my stuff go to my gallery.
Hi , I just joined this club again. I am self taught in pencil , spent over 10 years learning that medium and now I have been and am taking painting lessons in both oil and acrylic. I have yet to settle on a ' style ' so I about picking a master and learning that style. First is Degas. 
Right now I am switching systems, saving files , transferring , etc which is why I have no pics posted yet. 
chuckster wrote: to see some of my stuff go to my gallery.

hi Charlie, i looked at your paintings and i like your choice of vibrant colours, keep painting (and posting) and tks for sharing :)
I'm a abstract artist and been at it for 40 years. I started out in realism but found it to be to limted. Now abstract art work have no limts.
Abstract eye drip art by erie


Thanks for viewing.
Erie , I can't really get into abstract. I however tried a style developed by a  russian by the name of Malevich. I had used too many colours for my first attempt and not enough complimentary colours and there was no balance. So I will try again , I did look at yours interesting . I can see my self getting into surreal and realism. I have been only taking lesson for about 2 years , I'm not as fast as some and am only on my 9 lesson . I don't think that its about speed but what one learns and at my speed my mistakes are small and easily fixed . When I learn more about balance , complimentary colours , perspective I will try abstract again . My problem is not the drawing phase of the painting which I think is very important but I have a bit of trouble with the rest of the painting and I am a perfectionist when it comes to my artwork , my other problem is that I am a procrastinator 
Very nice meeting you and thanx for viewing my art work ThePainter. I went to a went to like three museums when I was 15 years and out them three only one art work stole my heart. I wanted that painting so bad. I was thinking of ways to steal it and hide it under my bed for life. smiling but sad the truth. I was in a VA hosp. and met a older woman vet that told me a little about art and she said most of all be yourself.
A great artist once said. A artist cheats the world when she or he is not working in there art work. Thank you again and stay at it.