Any Linux users here?

:wink: Just curious. Personally, I've never been a Windoze user. I went from DRDOS To OS2 to Linux. I've used most of the major distributions, but right now I'm using Stella (a second generation relative of Fedora).

Aside from the fact that it's apparently more stable than windows, I like the fact that it's a free download. :D

Linux users here!

Yeah man ~ ... Just got in.
I've been using Debian & Ubuntu since winblows 98.
Totally more stable...totally more customizable...totally more!
And the price!! Can anyone beat free!?
Ok...I'm done ranting.

I do have a Fedora 20 install disk sitting here. Will install &
dual-boot to check it out.

~ Linux Inside ~

Re: Any Linux users here?

Ubuntu here.

Re: Any Linux users here?

DaddyFish wrote: Ubuntu here.

I used Ubuntu up to the point where they forgot to include DSL in the distribution. After reinstalling about three times I realized it just wasn't going to connect, so I switched to Fedora; used that until Gnome 3 came out. Then I went with Centos brieflly, until I found Stella, which is a remix of Centos.

Stella is pretty much what I've been looking for. Since its basically Red Hat Linux, it's rock solid stable. Because it includes all the necessary repositories, it's a complete package. You install it and everything just works. No fuss, no muss, no bother.

Re: Any Linux users here?

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop and Server in both box based and VM based here.

Re: Any Linux users here?

two with debian here., Love it,

Re: Any Linux users here?

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: I use Xubuntu and also a few other linux distros that are ubuntu or debian based
1- Xubuntu
2-BackBox 4.4
3-Kali 1.09 Hades (debian)
and a few others :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

all of them are great 8)  

Re: Any Linux users here?

Ubuntu Studio 14.04
AMD 8 core CPU
16GB ram
Nvidia graphics card GeForce 610 GT (a bit out of date but soon to be replaced)

1.5TB harddrive
Minecraft is my favorite game.

Re: Any Linux users here?

Hi Griffith7x57
I only just joined the forum, so i hope you don't mind me jumping in here.
I have not used Windows for a number of years now and whilst i have used a lot of other distro's at the moment i am running Linux Lite 3.4 and i'm really impressed with it. Would never ever consider using Windows again.