I've recently joined this site and also decided that I want to formally study art history. This is after spending many years interested in art, visiting galleries etc. I'm doing a level 2 OU course starting October 2012 then hope to start a part-time Masters course at a local University in October 2013. Joined this site to make male and female friends and also dating men if that comes along.
Would love to hear from anybody who is interested in art history.
Love Art History! I remember the first course I took in Art History at 20 years of age, my head hit the desk and I slept through most of the class.  Later on when I was older I went back to finish up my design degree and Art History became my favorite subject!!  It helps to have an engaging teacher who has actually seen first hand the subject matter he/she is talking about.  The class created a desire in me to appreciate art for years to come.  I was never able to understand post-modernist art before.  I just didn't get it.  I remember the day I understood the significance of Jackson Pollacks work. It is truly inspiring for me now.  The canvases are so large and imposing, they make you feel exactly what they are titled. The disciplines cross over in Art History, not only do you learn about art, but psychology, mathematics, history, sociology, chemistry, science, architecture. Fascinating topic!
I took Art History years ago and was really interested in it.  The course jumped about a bit so it was a little confusing.  One week we were in ancient Greece, the next in ancient Africa.  I'm still keen on learning about what all the art 'isms' really mean.  I enjoy going to galleries and listening to the host/hostess talk about the art.  
I have limited knowledge about art history but I met a nice guy who became my best friend when I visited the museum in Berlin 18 years ago.He was a Ph.D.student so he showed me the German paintings and explained about the motivation behind the work of the master painter. I start reading art books since then in order to be able to exchange views with him. :lol:
I recently took a 2 yr course in Modernism where we studied but also painted in the styles we studied. I had an art degree from years ago but this was amazing fun and worthwhile.