My thoughts and prayers goes to all that is affect by this forest fire.
This fire was started by lighting.

Because of this fire, the smoke has finally reach this side of the mountains, in fact can't see the mountain due to smoke. I always enjoy seeing them when I am walking the dogs, this morning couldn't see them.
Yes Daisy the fire season has started here and seeing the pictures of the fire takes me back to 2003 when I lived in that area and was evacuated from my home...not once, but twice. I could see the fire raging from my home it was that close. And there were branches falling to the ground that were burning and smoldering . As I lived in a highly wooded area, as I do now by the way, it was very dangerous for me. Those were scary times and each year the fires keep coming and homes and lives are in danger. This extreme weather and dryness of the area make it a very, very scary place to be. Last year I was nervous as the skies had that orange look and smelled of smoke. I actually packed some of my things...just in case. Let's hope the fires will not come that close again. Thanks for the post here....Fern
It predict here sunny with a few clouds for today, I look outside and was surprise to see rain, didn't last tho, but enough to water my garden and lawn.

I often think, what would happen if there was a fire here, I have four pets, so I plan on what to do if it came to fire here, I would be ready, but I don't think we all are ready for any fire, it's a devasting lost, all your precious documents go up in flames, photos, all your memories going up in smoke is really heart breaking.

If I remember correctly, B.C. is all heavy wooded area, Ashcroft B.C. gone off the map last summer as it was totally burnt. It is a scarey time for those who live in wooded area during this dry season'

Last year we were in heat wave, no rain since May, killing lawn as watering it all day long didn't help it at all, we didn't have rain at all all summer until November, that when we got our first moisture, SNOW, we had enough snow that would last all summer the year, but it melted so fast that it causes floods, I don't ever recall snow melting causing floods here. This summer we get an occasional heat wave, as we just had one a few days ago, but this time we get rain which help cool the air down, also more breeze this year than last year.

I guess we need someone who know how to do a rain dance? :lol: