Fern, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fern, When ye eventually meet again,
I Hope it is a special as this.
Fondest Regards. 
There will be those that argue life is precious and everything should be done to sustain it. Most of these people will be God fearing people who can still run up the steps into church not people in constant pain whose memory is shot from painkillers who can't remember what they had for breakfast. Not the people struggling to get through their day. These well meaning people do not see the people of any age who can not take care of themselves. Not unless there is one in their circle. It doesn't take much to type with one finger, but enough pain killer and this computer might as well be a bread board. 
Before we go any farther you need to know I'm a fairly happy cripple who can still do his own shopping.  
But here is the deal. If I move to town home support will help me dress, they will bath me twice a week, more if I mess myself. They will see to it I eat three times a day and if I was diabetic they would get my evening snack. I would have my own room, about twice the size of a jail cell. I could even have my cat. What more could I want. They would even treat the bed sores I would be bound to get. Hell I can already get them and I'm still mobile. Why are they offering this? Because I live in the country and I'm too expensive to help out here, 20 minutes from town. Right now I could be dead a week before anyone knows. SO WHAT. Dead is still dead even if someone is checking four hours later. So here I am with a freezer full of food adjusted for me. Good food. I have a hospital bed, a HillRom like the hospitals have. I have a chair that stands me up if I want, a raised toilet. So what do I have here that I wouldn't have in town. I have rights. I have the right to perform what is still an illegal act if I want to. I have the right to decide what I'm going to wear and what groceries I will buy. (I'm lucky the ladies will get stuff off the shelf I can't reach and they will put my groceries in my car for me) Oh but if I move to town the store will deliver. (not the same store) Well that is one way to get rid of stuff on it's last leg. It seems suicide by food is legal. 
Okay, if euthanasia  becomes legal in Canada I'm all for it, but one will probably still not have rights. Some one will insist a person go through every other option first. And God help you if they find you mentally incompetent because your meds are making you slow. Still for terminally ill it is a solution I'm all for because doing yourself in is harder to do than one might think. (good movie by the way fern) I would accept help in that case. But for me, I'm not at that point so they can shove their help that isn't really help. I have my monitors and my pills and still have my rights. Chances are slim that I will be found face down in my garden but who knows, if they do it will still be my choice. And who knows, I might not be living alone when it happens. That said, it is time to get out of this chair and go make cookies and bring in more fire wood. 
gwynnie wrote: Fern, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank-you Gwynnie.....I did get you letter in my box but had no way to reply...bless you hun xxx...Fern
scrummy wrote: Fern, When ye eventually meet again,
I Hope it is a special as this.
Fondest Regards. 

Thank-you Scrummy...she is with me every day ... I can feel her but there are days when it is really hard.  However, we just have to carry on.  Time is short and yes, we will be together again and have  more special moments.  Bless you hun.....Fern
I trained as a nurse years ago, back in London, UK. and have been with sufferers who have breathed their last many times. Even with me not being a relative, it was a painful thing to go through with them. Especially, with the way some of them held on for much longer than they should have, with all the pain they were feeling.

But the reason I write now is to say doctors are being trained to allow a person who dies to stay that way. I mean the rule is for no CPR to bring them back if they are over 60 years of age! This rule is being taught in Chicago by the way.

We asked our friend, whose wife was in training if she was upset with being told this, as it could happen to her Grand-parents who would be denied another chance at life. She answered that it was okay as this was the way it has to be done now...... !! ???

What is happening to young people? Do some of them not have empathy? Do they not realise they will be that age one day and might be able to continue life reasonably healthily with their loved ones, even after they have been brought back from death? But now, NOT if they are over 60 and they suddenly stop breathing?

And the strange thing is, this doctor friend, is a very kind young person...... ???? Somehow, they have been trained to think life is not worth much after the age of 60, and yet that is still really young..... to those of us who are over that age..... !!