Canada Day

July 1st is our Canada Day, I am very very proud to say.....
we'll go out to celebrate in a fun and loving way.
Swing from star to star, paint the sky red and blue
Come on everyone, let's dance, dance, me and you!

It's about history! it's about freedom! it's about love!
Look my dear, the wind is blowing the flag up above.....
We can speak so freely, don't have to fear..
that someone might hurt us, if our words, they hear.

This land is ours to love, cherish with laws to obey,
would you care to join hands with me, while I pray?
I'll ask our Lord on bended knee, to protect our young out at sea,
we love Mother Earth,
she gave us birth,
and our braves stand tall.......
Oh Canada, you will not fall.

 ©JessicaB, July 1, 2014  12:01AM
Happy Canada Day to the Canadian members of 50Plus Club...

I second that Jessy! Have a great day!
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Thank you Graham.  Much appreciated.

I couldn't resist...Happy Canada, Eh! :lol:

Is that you Fish, eh?  
I was hoping you would show up today to wish us a happy Canada Day.
Nice graphic eh? :lol:   
Dang...had a better one but it won't let me edit my post anymore, eh!

Happy Canada Day, Jess! :D
Thanks Fish, I appreciate that.  :D
Just a tid-bit of trivia for all Canadians and all our friends around the world....

All vertical Tri-Band flags are equally spaced, meaning that the colors are each one third the total flag width. These bands are referred to, in heraldic language, as "Pales".

When the ratio of the Pales is 1-2-1 as is on the Maple Leaf Flag, that is now known, again, in heraldic circles, as the Canadian Pale.

Pretty neat eh?

Happy Day everybody.
Yes, it is neat, and thank you for the Canada Day wishes Mr Candlefish Sir......much appreciated.  :D
DaddyFish wrote: I couldn't resist...Happy Canada, Eh! :lol:


Thank you Fish and enjoy your happy 4th of July too :) !
Graham1 wrote: I second that Jessy! Have a great day!

Thank you Graham :)
Canada has a day? Huh, go figure....
Get outta here with your big old rig Trucker..... :lol: