The following was developed as a mental age Assessment by the School of Psychiatry at Harvard
Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without making a mistake /
The Average Person over 60 years of age cannot do it. There is twelve Q and you must answer them all and only scrol down to get to the next question. I know its Tempting but DON'T

1. This is this Cat

2. This is is Cat

3. Thiis is how Cat

4. This is to Cat

5. This is keep Cat

6. This is an Cat

7. This is old Cat

8. This is fart Cat

9. This is busy Cat

10. This is for Cat

11. This is Forty Cat

12. This is seconds Cat

Now go back and Read the third word in each line starting at the top and work down , and I betcha you cannot Resist Passing it on
Hah, Bill, Im a social worker and I have never seen this one..........................
And, I will surely pass it on to my colleagues.
They will love it.
And, I will tell them its from my friend, Flirty Bill.
Leah xo
haha Bill, thanks for the fun
Hahaha cute