Sung to the tune of the Isrealite

Get up in the morning
Same thing for breakfast
Oatmeal, oatmeal.
and a banana.

Get out in the car.
Go to the store. 
No cholesterol, low Cholesterol. 
Can't have a sausage.

Boil up some eggs.
Throw away the yolks.
Don't even think of bacon.
Plain toast at most. 

Boil up some potatoes.
Nothing on them.
Sick of rice, sick of squash
Give me meat, give me fat.

Oh oh Cholesterol, oh cholesterol.

Feel free to add to this. Just being silly. 
Banana is high in Potassium and most doctors will recommend that you don't eat Bananas or Oranges if you have a bad heart. Oatmeal is the best and egg has good Cholesterol so it is ok to have the whole egg shelled of course.
My two cents worth.
The reason you don't eat oranges is only that they cut the availability of beta blockers in half. But then if you are on medication you most likely have a monitor or should. Potassium stabilizes pulse and is high in fibre. Bananas are high in sugar if you don't exercise you will convert it to fat. Beef fat is bad for you but do you realize a cow makes that fat eating grass and grain. Dairy ration to increase milk production is molasses and grain. Statin medication only binds to cholesterol you ingest it does nothing for cholesterol in your blood. HDL scrubs LDL off your walls and returns it to your liver. When it doesn't do this your liver produces what you need from fat. The object then would be to increase HDL so there will be LDL in your blood and not stuck to the walls. You need cholesterol, you don't need plugged arteries. 
375mg of cholesterol is the daily max for a healthy person to consume. Unless you are vegan you will exceed that. (just two eggs) But if you consume high statin foods at the same time then some of it won't be absorbed. Oatmeal is fibre which speeds the process but also binds to cholesterol. Soft cholesterol more so than hard. Replacing bad fats with good reduces cholesterol consumption which is good. Avocado is one of the high statin foods that reduces cholesterol. 
I have a meter to check my Cholesterol. It was expensive but worth it. My numbers were very high and have come down considerably. I still have a long way to go.  I've reduced consumption but that is only a partial answer, I've lost weight, another partial answer. The final part is increasing HDL to get a better HDL/LDL ratio.
Even Vegetarians can have high cholesterol if they have the fat their liver makes it from.
This is a complex problem that does not have a simple take a pill cure.
I put this in here looking for addition information since there is little of value on the net and Doctors only say take the pills. The pills only handle 200mg of cholesterol. They at best are only a partial answer. The side effects are horrible too. 
This is why it is so important to seek medical advice for your health benefits. Also there are lots of information on line to check out if you fit those catagory or are in need of it and what can cause problems or help your health needs.

Sorry Dav, your info is to long because your text is to small for me to read, I only read a few lines and then I can't go any further.

I know a lot of people who have to stay away from Potassium, I don't have a problem but I learn from others about it. A lot of seniors have this problem and need a regular diet, here in Alberta we have a dietician and a nurse that will help you to control your diet for a better living. Alberta is also putting in programs in schools because there are getting to be to many obese children, so the health program are now teaching children about what is important to their health.

Bananas and Oranges are high in potassium, where as other fruit and veggies aren't and can be use in their daily diet.

I am a diabetic, so I know how sugar affect us, and I do daily exercise to burn off the extra sugar, otherwise you will end up going to the washroom as your body is trying to get rid of the extra sugar by urination. Sugar can also turn into fat. Beef, watch out as I cut off the fat and I am ok eating it that way. Our body need protein and there are several ways of getting it other than eating beef/meat, like eating eggs and beans.

Your liver control the HDL or LDL, so if your liver isn't function right, then you will have LDL and if you have a healthy liver, then you will have HDL. Your LDL if you are not careful then you could end up having an Aneurysm as I know a lot of people who been in this situation and Aneurysm isn't fun either.

The Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Other than its vitamin and mineral content, oatmeal is reported to reduce the risk of a couple of serious health problems: heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Many studies (1,2) have looked into oatmeal’s effect on cholesterol, and the findings show that eating oatmeal on a daily basis can help reduce bad cholesterol, LDL, while leaving good cholesterol, HDL, unchanged.

It does this by binding to the bad cholesterol and removing it from the system. This has a knock-out effect on the risk of heart disease as it can reduce the risk of clogged arteries.

As a result of these studies’ findings, the American Food and Drug Administration permits oatmeal packaging to state that it can help reduce risk of heart disease.

Reducing bad cholesterol whilst maintaining high levels of good cholesterol also has an effect on the development of type-2 diabetes (3), as many people who develop diabetes show the reverse pattern: low levels of good cholesterol with concurrent high levels of bad cholesterol.

So, whether you are considered ‘at risk’ of developing diabetes or not, daily oatmeal can help prevent or daily its development.

It will help you reduce your weight or control it because it help you to stay full for a long time.


Hope you enjoy some of these readings.

why do cows put on fat and not horses? cows just stand around and graze or lay down and chew cuds as they don't do much exercise where as horses are active, some are fat because they don't do enough, even pigs don't do much but lay in mud :wink: . All food will turn into sugar and this is where you get your energy from.

Good article on oatmeal withe emphasis on portion size. Cooking time is wrong though. 1/3 cup of large old fashioned rolled oats and one cup of boiling water in a soup thermos will give you the right portion size cooked and ready in a half hour with no loss of value. Or leave them overnight. And you can't burn them this way.

Horses are the most inefficient converters of hay to fat. Because hay spends a much longer time in a cows gut bacteria have a lot longer to use it. Even pigs and chickens convert grass better than horses.
Horse manure needs a lot of composting or it robs nitrogen from your soil.

Back to oatmeal, the amount you need to eat to make a dint in cholesterol is huge. So hide it. You can grind it in your food processor till it is flour. Use it like flour just remember it has no gluten. So increase the baking powder or yeast and replace the gluten with guar gum or some other substance like apple pectin that will bind like gluten. Cookies can be made with olive oil but don't brown as well and can get hard if over done. Naked seeded pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds can be ground into flour too. 

A warning about blood tests. HDL cholesterol will scrub the LDL off the walls of your veins and arteries returning it to your liver. As it does this your blood will have a large amount of LDL in it. Ratio of HDL to LDL is more important. Numbers will go down as you use this LDL instead of it clogging arteries. Muscles need it, exercise is the best way to use it. 

When you read a label  and it says 0 cholesterol but still has a high fat content remember your liver can make cholesterol from fat. Remember also that it makes most cholesterol at night so no high fat suppers or snacks. The actual amount of protein you need in a day is small. You can get all you need from beans. Meat though does give you all eight essential amino acids. The amount of fat you need for energy is small too. 

Even if you take the pills you are still limited to 200 mg cholesterol a day. One egg has 180+. All in the yolk.  
Oatmeal has a agent that is call "Avenanthramide" which restore you blood vessels and repair the damage and it also has "Antioxidants"

Carbs are what you need to be careful for your intake, like potatoes, rice, wheat, corn, anything starchy is what you need to be careful of. Need to watch out for your A1 blood cells.
Tryptophan is one of the 8 essential amino acids, It is converted to serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that controls information back and forth from the brain. To get it past the blood brain barrier it has to use a carrier port. This port is different from the port for the other seven. To give it priority you have to strip the carrier from them. This is done by causing an insulin spike. The insulin uses the carbohydrate and then goes looking for more. It is important that the carbohydrate be just big enough to cause a spike. Too much and insulin has no need to strip the other amino acids. So tryptophan does not get to make serotonin, muscles are sluggish and the brain is fogged in. 
But and this is important. The amount of carbohydrate needed is small. A half slice of toast with an egg if your cholesterol is okay, a sausage too. If you have cereal milk has all the carbohydrate you need. No sugar. If you have oatmeal you have a choice of milk or sugar, not both unless it is skim.
If you have high cholesterol it is two egg whites and a piece of melba toast.
Sucks hey. But you need serotonin. 
Organic vegetables have a higher Brix (sugar) Keep that in mind. Yes vegetarians can get fat.
If you tire easy or get headaches it is more likely lack of serotonin  than calories. 
The problem with diets are, they only take into consideration losing weight not whole health. 
If you can get most of your calories from  foods that increase HDL then you can have foods that cause LDL but are high in tryptophan. (milk cheese) HDL will remove the LDL.
A juggling act, but it is your body and your life. Exercise will help lose weight but not enough. The gym is overkill. What it does do though is use LDL cholesterol and raise HDL.
Stress can damage Serotonin and the information can be lost. Gym is over rated? Either the one near you isn't updated or you don't need it as you do enough around your place that you don't need a gym, the ones that we have here has a kinesiology dip. Years ago, where we had to haul water, chop wood, don't need a gym, but the way of life today has taken all that away, running water, all the appliances at your finger tip.

There are lots of information about insulin on line, below are a few links for you to read about insulin and how they work.

It not what you eat, it is the amount you eat, so if you eat two scoops of rice, and get a high reading then change your diet to one scoop of rice, or instead of four pieces of toast, change it to two slices and if you find that you are still hungry, then change it from white bread to whole wheat bread. This is why oatmeal porridge is more beneficial for you and you won’t be feeling hungry, you could also have yogurt to help fix your hunger feeling or a glass of milk and an apple. Sugar is what give you energy and insulin will help transport sugar to the muscles, if there are too much sugar then the pancreas will produce more insulin to help control your sugar level. In my case my pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin that I have to inject insulin. I guess when we get old or older our body parts wear out and don’t do the work like they used to.
A1 blood cells will tell you if you are type 1 or type 2 diabetes. You cannot tell what your A1 readings are by your glucose meter, you need to go for a lab test and it will tell the professional what the percentage which is the average over three-month period.
Again there are lots of information on line about A1,

As I mention earlier on this thread, I am a diabetic, and insulin dependent, so I know all about it. As I have taken courses about being a diabetic and what we need to know, as I said earlier, Alberta health services are putting out programs for people including school age children as there are more obesities in children these days because they don't do enough to burn off all that sugar in their body.

Did you know….

Poor thyroid function is another potential cause of elevated particle number. Thyroid hormone has multiple effects on the regulation of lipid production, absorption, and metabolism. It stimulates the expression of HMG-CoA reductase, which is an enzyme in the liver involved in the production of cholesterol. (As a side note, one way that statins work is by inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme.) Thyroid hormone also increases the expression of LDL receptors on the surface of cells in the liver and in other tissues. In hypothyroidism, the number of receptors for LDL on cells will be decreased. This leads to reduced clearance of LDL from the blood and thus higher LDL levels. Hypothyroidism may also lead to higher cholesterol by acting on Niemann-Pick C1-like 1 protein, which plays a critical role in the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. See your doctor about this, do you have Hyperthyroidism?

Thank you for the information
A1C is normal as is my thyroid and for that I should be glad. Kidney and liver function is good. Cholesterol is probably up because of lack of exercise.  I'm willing to bet most people don't know their cholesterol numbers. My triglycerides are fine. 
Tonight BP is 116/75 without meds.
LOL, I have less than one slice of bread a day. Very little sugar and right now no milk or butter. Can not have hydrogenated oils either. And no salt.
I'm 5'6" used to be 5'11" and weigh 175 pounds.
Some days cholesterol consumption is 0, Never over 100mg and usually 75mg or less.   
Dav, if you say you are that healthy, then how do you know what your blood readings are? Most people don't go to a doctor unless they feel ill in some ways and then all sorts of test are done including Endocrine for male more so. Unless you are a lab tech yourself and know what your blood results are. Doctors here in Alberta don't send you for your blood work unless you are feeling ill. Doctors don't waste time sending you for those blood work when you are that healthy.

We have the rights to know what our results are, can even ask your doctor for your medical report files and keep track of all your medical history. When I go to see my doctor, he shows me the readings because it is much easier for him to communicate with me because of his strong accent, I see my readings all the time when I see my doctor. I could ask for my medical files from him but for what reason? He shows them to me so I don't need to ask for the files.

Your A1c shouldn't be any higher than 60% as that test for diabetes is the most important test.

BTW your cholesterol can go up even if you do exercise and this why you have to monitor your health with the help of your medical team, you could end up with an aneurysm of 3 cm which is a warning flag, nothing can be done, but if it reach 5 cm, then you can go for a endovascular surgery otherwise it will keep blowing up like a balloon and burst your vessels and end up dead fast with minimal pain.


I am far from healthy. I have chronic septic staph infection that I will take antibiotics for the rest of my life for.  I have mild hypertension that I take a pill for. I take one pill for inflammation and a pill to protect my stomach from it. I know what all my blood tests mean and get a print out from the hospital. I should be tested more often than I am. It is my choice. I have had two echo cardiograms, ultrasounds. Before starting my cholesterol diet my beta blocker was 37.5 mg twice a day, now it is 25 mg twice and sometimes only once. All I need a Doctor for is to order tests and write out prescriptions. I'm doing well taking care of myself. 
Cholesterol test this morning is high. I'm doing everything right except.......No one mentioned tylenol and I've been taking a lot. So I guess I'll cut it out and retest. What I don't know is if it causes cholesterol or if it just affects the results. 
Doctors will tell you to take 2 Tylenol four times a day for pain.

Here are some information about Tylenol
Read that. Also get false readings if blood sugar is too high.

You might be interested in this.  I retested this morning without taking any tylenol yesterday.
30% drop. The question is does Tylenol cause false readings or does it promote cholesterol. If it promotes cholesterol then a lot of people are in trouble because it is a very common pain med.
Catch 22: Cholesterol is needed to make cortisone,  but if you don't produce cortisone and take prednisone it encourages you to make cholesterol. Beta blockers encourage the production of cholesterol. This is production, not ingestion. Your liver can produce cholesterol. So it would appear to call for a combination of low cholesterol diet and weight loss to get rid of the fat your liver uses and exercise to use up excess cholesterol. The problem comes in when people can not adequately  exercise. Also energy is supposed to come mostly from fat. More juggling. 
Big business promotes sugar as an energy source yet it is not in most cases. Refined sugar causes a quick insulin spike and then a drop. There is sugar in fruit and organic vegetables but it is released slow. Opposed to fruit juice which has no cholesterol reducing fibre. Again big business is pushing juice a bi product of the fruit and vegetable industry made from produce too damaged to sell otherwise. Bleached and sterilized and sold in aluminum lined boxes. Think of it as the wieners of the produce world. 
I make juice from my small apples, not damaged apples, those the bears can have. Juice is best used in a smoothy so you get the goodness of it and fibre. Less insulin spike too. Again here it is the fibre that reduces the cholesterol without wasting vitamins and minerals. 
I have to smile at the promotion of statin drugs. You are given the impression you can continue to eat all the wrong foods if you take these.  All statins do is reduce or stop your liver from producing cholesterol. Mean while you continue to shovel it in. Well why not, we do the same with blood pressure medication and diabetes medication.