Computer choice.

Desktop, laptop,tablet, iPad ,iPhone.what are you using and what do you prefer ?
I have used all, I started with a desktop then went on to a laptop it was a windows 10 i found the laptop much more mobile and did as much as the desktop then a i pad took my eye what a big difference and is brilliant for on site.I have a smart phone which does everything and if it came to it i think i could manage on my phone you can use mobile data and you wouldn't have those expensive monthly broardband bills.

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Smart phone, hate those, the keyboard is so small that it make it difficult to type, the younger generation have a knack of using their thumbs where as I can't... so use to keyboarding with a typewriter, can't do that on the smart phone... I am beginning to think that these interent world devices is take over your life, your family life.....
The golden years is where the true living come from, the only addiction there was back then were Alcohol and drug addiction, now between Steve Job and Bill Gates, they add one more addiction to your life that the Government has to make new laws, that call "Distraction driving".

So all in all, I am just happy with either the desk top or lap top, I can escape from the world of internet to a peaceful outside here.

More and more software is coming out on the market, more hackers involve, more trouble and more trouble, ever wonder why kids get obese? Well of course it isn't all the internet fault but the technology has a lot to blame for that... Oh wait... that why they invented games where you can get up and start moving around to burn off all those BMI.... Teach your kids to eat rabbit food, most of them find it boring, they need something more exciting....

The days of rounding up your friends to get a team of baseball or soccer or football have long gone.

Technology is great for those who have a disability, it wonderful for them or like firemen, woman can do their job now because of all these fancy buttons that will help them with their job.... No body injuries like it use to be, like a sore back for men. I guess this is why woman came into the world so that someone can come up with an easier job for the men :?:

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daisyjane wrote: I guess this is why woman came into the world so that someone can come up with an easier job for the men :?:

Excellent point, Daisy, and well made! :lol:

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I'm on my 2nd laptop at home, and I have a netbook - a baby laptop - which I take on holiday, and probably use in the way you'd use a tablet. I use it for email, for bulletins about what's going on where I am, checking the weather forecast, and editing or deleting photos taken with a camera.Also for watching subscription tv when required. Both of these use Windows 7. I don't want a tech firm to have control over my system, so I'll avoid Windows 10 until.... well, maybe forever.

I say this because I still have my Windows XP laptop, which I don't use online, but still use for some stuff incompatible with newer OPs. Games and Sony Sonic Stage, mainly. (I still have a minidisc.) But I have Linux on a USB stick, which operates in the computer's memory without requiring installation, so I'll experiment with that.

I don't have a tablet, since I have the netbook, and my phone cost ten quid from Asda, so it's not smart. It is dual Sim though!