Some of my "Daily Thoughts" would help you with "Confidentiality".

I am very well aware that a lot of memebers in this site do exchange e mail address, so all the things that people say is behind the scene, not in chat rooms or anywhere else on this site. Yes some do go into chat room and start up something that shouldn't be mention in chat.

People think that Confidentiality does not apply to this site, sure why not, there is nothing in the agreement said that we have to keep things confident, even some volunteer or work at some place that this apply to the work force, should know better that this should apply to any sites, not just this one, any social media this should apply there as well.

The link explain what Confidentiality means.

Sure you can look on line for more definition as it won't hurt you at all. Because for some reason a lot of people who are on line think they have the power to control you, so if you don't want anyone to know about you, and don't want it spreading around the net, then don't mention it at all, keep it to yourself, this way the trust will bond.

I have had lots of people from this site telling me about this and that, but what I do is, just ignore them because it don't apply to me at all, but it is ok to give advice just as long you let the person know that it is between you and them, this way you know the trust will be there and won't spread like wildfire on the net at any social media.

Sorry for my English as my English isn't at it's best sometime, due to my profound hearing loss. Happy reading :)
Thank you daisyjean, I understand what you mean.