I have several cookbooks, I am going to try new recipes. Doing a dinner once a month.this month will be a cook out. Doing hamburgers and corn on the cob on the Grill. I have not roasted corn on the grill before. Serving my fruit salad made of just strawberries, a red apple, a green apple and bananas. All cut up with a mixture of cool whip mixed with a fruit yogurt.
Fresh vegetables, ice tea, Smores and ice cream for dessert. I found the recipe for the roasted corn in Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook.
Well the cookout was great the new recipe or way of fixing corn on the cob was wonderful. Very tasty and delicious. It reminded me of the Renaissance Festival. I will most certainly fix it that way again. Next dinner will be the 29th of September. I have not picked a menu yet. I wiil such through my cookbooks. The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Cookbook does have the rules for a formal setting......