FriendsRgood wrote: I crochet because it's a safe way to  relax. Safer to hook the yarn than hook others with my claws or tongue. JUST KIDDING !!! Love to create and just get lost in the counting and dreaming

I hear ya...I am pretty sarcastic but I am crocheting it matter little what anyone says to me.  I allow myself to get lost in my projects.  Its a great outlet.
I enjoy crocheting mostly make hats. It is a great stress reliever.
TheLadyL wrote: My sister is terminally ill. Knowing this she set out to make each one of her sisters a memory throw. Each one was different. It took her a while to finish both. Not only did she crochet them both, she also attached larges glass, metal and plastic beads. Each different, each personalized. I have never used mine. It hangs on the back of my deacons bench, in my line of site each time I sit at this computer, or walk through the room. It makes me smile. My daughter has already asked for it when the time comes to clear my estate. I think a project of love, if the most precious gift given.

Oh Laurie, I am deeply, deeply sorry and please let me tell you that I understand what you are going through. My daughter passed away a year ago and now my best friend of over 30 years has only days to live. When my daughter was on her 2 year journey I crocheted a prayer blanket for her. She took that blanket everywhere and she had it around her shoulders when she left this world. It is one of my greatest treasures. What your sister has done is amazing and so beautiful. I know that the blanket will be as mine is to me....a part of your each others hearts. Bless you as you walk with your loved one...fern
Hi everyone,

I just discovered this thread and want to say that I have been crocheting for 47 years and knitting for 55 years so that shows lol that I must like it a lot. hehehe. Nice to see others with a passion to create. I no longer do small things but prefer to use wool and yarn a bit thicker. I like to see things get done faster these days as I am older and can't be bothered with wasting time. In the last year i discovered a lovely and good quality yarn called James C. Brett marble chunky and the colour range got me quite excited. So, now I just need a couple of projects to make with it. Anyway, I thought I would add my little thoughts here and wish you all happy hooks and needles....Fern
Thank you Fern for your kind words. I am sorry to hear about your daughter and friend. I think the hardest thing is walking with them. We can only love them, nothing more. And at times I feel helpless. But I know just being there is comfort. I learned to accept death at a young age. I started with 9 brothers and two sisters. I am down to two sisters and three brothers. What my family dies of, death is the comfort. But the pain is still there. I will pray your journey with your friend is filled with warmth, love and laughter.
Hi, i am obsessed with knitting, cross stitching and crochet. At the moment knitting a cat, a viking hat complete with beard and some fingerless gloves for family members. Oh and cross stitching some gift tags and a mothers day card.
I have dilemma and hope someone here can help me out. I love crocheting and have been doin it for quite a while. I was taught by my dear friend who passed last month or I could have her help me. I am attempting a Pineapple Butterfly to create a table runner. I can read the pattern but when trying to build the butterfly it just doesn't look right. If anyone can give me some advise or assistance it would be greatly appreciated. I am making it for a friend's birthday in April so have some time to get it right. Cheers and have a fabulous day/week/month/year :)
you can rent a disc or tape for butterfly crocheting that would help
if you was near me i could help
i like this one

Hi. I have produced a number of knitted throws, an activity currently suspended due to two dogs who like to fight for my lap in the evenings! I must restore order as my knitting is really therapeutic and rewarding. Deciding on how colours fit together can be almost like painting a canvas.

I now find myself with a small stock of finished throws and wonder if anyone can direct me to a suitable craft outlet to sell them and make some room for more. My location is Gosport but I would travel a reasonable distance.

Whilst writing, anyone interested in attending a local knitting group, or perhaps there is one already?

Kind regards.
Marilyn, Mazz69
I crochet owls and jellyfish. I want to try fish baskets and dragons. I make only fun stuff.
I love to crochet. I usually make things for my grandchildren. :)
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