I came across this one with no name to indicate who wrote it.

THE DATING GAME (PART ONE) CHORUS One leg inside 6 feet down Another leg daggling a ling a ling Deciding which way to go Maybe it’s not time yet To follow the other leg Aah this leg thinks This leg will keep on daggling a ling a ling Until …… I was very excited to join a dating site Where you do not have to pay a penny I was excited to have a Big response After registering my interests and everything else needed To set one up on a dating site Where one does not have to pay a penny So I made myself to believe Since English is my second language My understanding of certain words Leaves me in a very wonderful world of my own Some call it choosing what you want to believe Well if it gives me therapy What’s wrong with that I did not attach my picture onto my dating site profile So the huge response was quite a surprise to me I selected an 81 year old man Living in an area which I was told is POSH I waited for a response …. Then the dating site came to me with a bombshell I had to pay a penny to be able to talk To mine 81 year old man Ah he is mine already Why do I have to pay I then pondered and pondered for a whole week In which week I was told by my many acquaintances That if I was able to get him onto my side That will be the end of my troubles For you see …… The area he lived in was for the very rich Only those with leaves and leaves lived out there So I told myself I have to do something and quick I telephoned the dating agency asking for a month’s subscription fees For who wants to join for a long period When my ‘savior’ is waiting patiently for me On the other side of the country Another bombshell I had to pay for six months or nothing I pondered again My ‘savior’ won I told the dating site official that I will pay She then said if I paid an extra £10 I would get a whole year’s subscription This was tempting Of course I agreed to pay the extra £10 Yeah do not remind me At that moment I did forget that I already had someone waiting for me On the other side of the country Therefore I did not need a whole year’s subscription Anyway I was excited I saw myself living in that POSH area Pain and all I opened up his dating site page I wrote to him what I thought was a catch phrase No reply One day second day third day ……. A whole week passed by No reply forthcoming I thought something must be amiss here I visited his site again And look luck is on my side I popped him As an indication that I wanted to speak to him No answer I popped again No answer A third time Saw him closing his web page At first I thought it was my computer playing up It always does that you see I closed down the site page After a while I tried again to open his web page Mine ‘savior’ had actually logged me out Completely blocked me out of his life His site page read that he had locked me out Me. The whole me indeed I had paid a packet for the mistake he had just done My mind refused to acknowledge that I was not his grade For one reason or another I was off visiting the dating site for some time At the time I did not know that He might not have singled me out To write to For the same message can be sent To every person registered at the same time Giving you time Only to reply to those Who took your fancy Thus mine ‘savior’ never knew I existed When he sent out his first invitation I was only one of the fools Who did not know that That was the name of the Game Losers and Pickers  
seashells wrote: Hi Broadcaster: I was thinking.....if you had loved her on the Friday, divorced her on the Saturday, you could say on the Sunday your week was full. :lol: :roll:

No you see I was expecting someone to say that

God rests on Sundays .............................and so do I
Gee Broadcaster, I did think you'd be resting on the Sunday after that full week. :D
creative writing, poetry or short story to me is a creative journey, of exploring the soul; learning to express in a way I had not explored before. I was fortunate to find some literary competitions that gave me the confidence to go forward. I have had several poems published, and working on a book. I urge all those with the ability to put pen to paper to fully explore their craft. Taking the step to publish with all the help out there is not as daunting as it seems. It took me down a path I had not contemplated before. With all of its wonders, ups and downs, its a beautiful experience.
Good luck to all