Folk Media

Social Peace-building Project in Darfur

About our project

This project is inspired by Darfur cultural heritage, represented in traditional drama, music and folk songs, in addition to traditions and customs of Darfur, which we would like to take on as means for resolving conflicts in Darfur and for the realization of peaceful coexistence among all Darfur components, and for the formulation of these noble values in creative work.

Target Group

Darfur people living in villages and camps.


1 / Work from within Darfurian communities to ding into restoration of social structure.
2 / Care for innovators and boost their skills, as part of the project goals.
3 / Promote values of unity, coexistence and sense of belonging to the Sudan the motherland .
4 / Resolve tribal disputes by upholding the values of reconciliation.

Means to Realize These Objectives:


Civil Administration:

Civil administration has been playing a role in the foundation and effective solution of tribal conflicts and problems, since the inception of Fur Islamic Sultanate, by means of using both of route demarcation of nomadic and farmer tribes in order to avoid conflict between farmers and herders, and to register Hawakeer (lands properties), that each tribe had.
The project aims to revive the role of civil administration because of the space it has in hearts and minds of people. By training men of the civil administration on the patterns of peace-building and support them to achieve our goals.



Traditional drama originally existing in Darfur heritage and local languages, and the formulation of dramatic works to herald the values of tolerance and brotherhood and non-violence in all its forms, using the following drama templates:
1 / Radio Drama.
2 / Traditional Hiker Theatre.
3 / Puppets Show and Child Theatre.
4 / Workshops on role of drama in conflict resolution for specialists in the field from all the states of Darfur.


Singing and music

Darfur has a rich inheritance of singing and music because of the diversity of races and ethnic components.
Our project targets Hakamat( female singers who perform traditional music, and who usually use their songs to encourage men to fight), Hadayeen(male singers who perform a traditional genre), and traditional poets. The project produces works to be transmitted by states radio, and organize concerts in villages, towns and camps.
It's worthy to mention that our organization has experience in organizing workshops for Hakamat to sing for peace and call for it instead of provoking war and strife.


Traditional Handicrafts Project

People have been living in camps in Darfur for over 12 years by now.
Therefore, the project aims at training women living in and outside the camps: on Darfur traditional handcrafts produced by different materials, the process of production and then after displays their products in exhibitions and market them.

The workshops give a good chance to people to generate income, get to know each other better, establish good relationships and quit violence.