Re: Cyber stuff

After I talk to my hearing aide agency, I learn a lot about how a hacker can mess your hearing aide and change the settings. Putting it in "Airplane Mode" I still can't believe there an Airplane mode for hearing aide, it is a lot simpler if you just take it off and open the battery compartment door that is how you can turn off your hearing aide when you go to bed at night/day.

So this is why I post about cyber crime and it can happen in this site, I just gotten a message from a basic member wanting to exchange e mail address... well as the saying goes "Over my dead body".

So I learn about cyber crime.

The R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are very well aware of American scammers.

So those links I provide will help you to protect yourself on the net and including this site, the Admin don't take care of them all, so we have to watch out for them and protect ourselves.

Yes Griffintatt, after you read those links, you can understand why I refuse to give you my Facebook account? Beside I don't have one :P