I was thinking this morning what a sad and pathetic bunny I was. Last night I made a foray to the Pub, and got dressed up, clean shirt and trousers and a clean me. What was I thinking. It was too crowded, to hot, and why would any lady, and talk to me.I miss waking up next to someone in the morning snuggling toes, making them tea, setting the world to rights, having some fun, reading books.

And then I got to thinking if How was I even going to entertain said Lady. I could not afford to take them out to dinner, maybe one or two drinks, but that would be about itIt go's against all my upbringing to not pay for the lady when out. To me it feels wrong or odd. I know the world has moved on, but it still doesn't feel right to me. But these days I have so little money but I feel ashamed.Maybe that's why I have difficulty asking the lady out. Plus at our age how do I tell whether someone is single
Oh Hawkwind, that's so sad. You look to me as if you have a lot to offer a lady. If she is bothered by your lack of cash, then she is not worth your interest. There are lots of things you can do on a low budget. Take her for a nice walk, with a stop for coffee somewhere. Go window shopping, I bet she will have lots of ideas. Also women our age are getting the idea of independence and many would not want you to pay the whole bill. As for knowing whether a lady is single or not, well the ladies have the same problem. I see the photos of some men on here and wonder why on earth HE hasn't been snapped up! You have to trust your instincts and take it slowly at first. You are not old, you just need to do a bit of positive thinking. You scrub up well according to your photos :) so get out there and smile. I miss snuggling too and having someone to look after me (and looking after him). I miss having someone to do things with and go places with. There are lots of lonely ladies out there, who would appreciate you.
It's tough with prices in restaurants the way they are these days and for myself I have special diet requirements that are often not met be restaurants. I find a nice and special date is to go on a picnic that you prepare yourself and don't be afraid of a little cooking right on the spot, one cooked dish to a few prepared dishes will make it far more special. Image
gwynnie.  you are sweet and thank you..hope you have not been flooded out   
In my life I have dated men that could buy a small nation, or only a cup of coffee. I have dated very good looking men(according to the standards) and just striking men, with beautiful eyes and strong hands. I have dated men that most women have passed by and in doing have had the most wonderful time. I have never looked at money or looks. What I do look for is strength of character, honesty, clearness of thought and conviction, strong hands, an arm to hold me, a hand to grasp, and a shoulder to lean on.
Then I look into a face, that can be bold, striking or not, and search for understanding and kindness. Once I see what I am looking for, then I look truly at his face and form. But by that time, girls, it doesn't matter because no looks or money can buy what I seek, therefore face and form are secondary. I have been taken to the Seattle Space Needle for a 200.00 meal on a date and have gone out for a cup of coffee on another. I truly enjoyed that cup of coffee. I accept the limitations of age, but damn I refuse to stop looking for that wicked twinkle in the eye, that smile, and that shoulder I can be tucked into. If you are going to enter the race ladies, just start with a smile. Men, begin with a twinkle in the eye. The rest can be worked out as time goes by.
Instead of taking her out to dinner, why not invite her over and cook?  Maybe she'll jump in and help.
Great idea Sally! Oh and Hawkewind there are more unattached ladies out there than men. The world is your oyster :D