Hi All

I Love David Bowies music what is your favourite David Bowie song and why mine has to be between the laughing gnome and life on mars and gene genie.

What are yours and why

love sue x
My favorite was the ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars lp.
I too love David Bowie's music. One of my favourite performances of his is the Goblin King Jareth in Labyrinth
Yeah he is a great loss,my favourite is moonage daydream from the Ziggy stardust.lp
I have been fortunate enough to see David Bowie perform 3 times, once in his Ziggy Stardust phase, once shortly after and during one of his last tours.
Now we have Tom Petty gone and I just saw him in Boston on his final tour.
May they both rest in peace and I know their music will live on.
Amen, Rubysoho.
I saw Tom in concert in April. He was so vibrant. Rock in peace.