fell in love with dean lol

Trixibell, Dean Martin had a beautiful and romantic voice  ... and he was handsome too! 

I've read a couple of books about him and his family, and his relationship with Jerry Lewis. He was a complex person -- competitive, committed to his craft, yet also unreliable and I self-destructive. 

Another great voice, but somewhat more stable person was Nat "King" Cole. 
Hi brother

I did not know all that about Dean ? gosh we learn something new every day, but agree he was a lovely singer, loved it when he appeared a bit drunk, he swooned more lol, did you watch that show with all four of them on stage it was so funny ( the brat pack ) they really gelled together on stage and stand up humour was brilliant.

I too love Nat king Cole... love old the oldies

Hi Trixi,

I have seen the brat pack videos. Also, you should check some of the other things on YouTube. He would drop in on Johnny Carson unexpectedly, and they had this routine going on that was pretty funny. There is another with Bob Hope and some others, and they are all drunk and doing really silly stuff on television. That was in the '70s, when I think television censors started to loosen up a bit.

I believe the last of the old timers is Tony Bennett, and I think it pretty amazing that he is still recording and singing!