I have done a DNA-test and it was like opening a whole new world for me.

What I find out made me understood many of those secrets my family had. Unfortunately do I have no close family to ask about I have come to know.

I have DNA - match over the whole planet but in about 100 years have it been most that they have moved to USA, Canada and Australia.

People ask me how I can see the whole way down to the beginning of humans on this planet but it is because not many in my family-tree have done a DNA-test so as faster doing DNA-test before it is a common thing can people find deep roots in their family - tree.

I think it is very interesting and fun that my roots started in Africa as I not look at all African and could have never guess it but my roots started for over 50 000 years in South Africa, Congo and Tanzania.

Even if I am a Pastor am I not sure GOD created his people in what now am Israel.

Because in my DNA does it seems like it started in Africa and then did they move up to North Africa and spread one part over to Italy and moved to France and up to Sweden.

The other part moved to Israel being Jews up to Ukraine, Finland and Sweden.

But much DNA are from disappeared tribes from Israel and many DNA are in Peru and the disappeared MayaIndians.

There is no country that my DNA are in and the more I come to know other who have done DNA - test can I see how unique my DNA - map is.

Before I did the DNA - test was I in Israel. I was in March 2016 to a museum called The friends of Zion museum and in there did I come to know that we in one or another way was we all connected to each other all over this planet and so it was with my DNA.

GOD told me to visit that Museum and then in August HE said I should do the DNA - test.

I think I will get more knowledge about what is going on just now it the world that am hidden for us not involved people.

By track down my own DNA have I understand the political events that happen between the G6-8 countries. ( USA, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and EU )

To know the history is to know the future.
Hello Eva ....
According to the experts, everybody's DNA traces back to Africa. It's supposedly where we originated.