I see lots of creative screen names on the site, and was just curious if yours holds a certain meaning. Mine (Jazen84) is my youngest daughter's middle name followed by the year I graduated high school.

And by the way, Horny57yearold, you're welcome to reply but I think I got yours figured out. :P :P
Jazen,, too funny about the horny guy (icky poo) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My names stems from a 5"x6" tattoo of a black widow spider on my right back shoulder,,we have alot of them in Arizona and they are not mean if you leave them alone,,actually very lithe and graceful ,, just surviving like the rest of us.. By the way,, like your latest pic !!

PSS,, have you read the blog from sannion ? sooooooo wrong,, sorry..those things should be deleted..
Very cool, BW. I figured there had to be a story behind your screen name in particular. And yes, I read that post, lol. The funny part is that I think it was 100% legit. Kinda gives you a bad taste at the back of your throat, eh?

And thank you for the kind words, very much appreciated. :)
Fun (& funny lol) posts guys :-)

My name is Darlene & Darly is a nickname my brother used to call me. He moved to Heaven several years ago...so it's pretty special to me.

This is a great idea for a thread Jazen. I've wondered myself sometimes how people chose (or were given) their nics on here. I hope more people chime in :-) And, yes, sometimes you see those that are self explanatory....& mind boggling lol.
I was hoping more people would post too, a lot of the names are sort of created without much thought, but then again, some have a reason or story behind them. Would be interesting to see more.

But you're right Darly, I started to go with one that was self-explanatory, but SlowIndianaWhiteBoy had way too many letters. :P :P
My little Yorkshire Terrier who I sadly lost this year was called Skippy and the B is the initial of my Surname, as he was as much a member of my little family and would often behave like my third son. I used to used the 'username' Skippy in the online computer games I played with my sons with 'Skippy' sitting on my lap.

Thanks for sharing. Great story. :D
Actually, Elantra is the name of my car.
I think they should reflect you or something you like.
Mine is to evoke some sort of action.
Some say it's bossy. What do you think?
Elantra wrote: Actually, Elantra is the name of my car.

Pretty creative, Elantra. If I'd had thought of that first, my screen name would have been Chevy Equinox. :lol:
I love your topic! My screen name is derived from my pen name I sometimes use. It comes from my middle initial and morning depicts the fresh and new beginning. :D
Mine comes from how I was feeling for a  long time and my late husband loved blue 
Claddagh, in honour of the Historic,Famous Fishing Parish in Galway,West of Ireland, where I am from. It's famous for it's rich individualist History and because some of you may wear or be familiar with  our Infamous  Claddagh Rings,  A Heart  clasped within two hands. You wear  the heart symbol away from your heart when you are single and towards your heart when you are married. Beautiful Tradition. I :oops: choose Blue..... because the sea-blue of the day and the black-blue of the night, shimmer and awe and "still my being" Come experience it for yourself.
Great story, Claddagh. :)