I don't know anyone who gardens on a large self sufficiency level. No one single at least on the internet. Lots of people grow flowers and little gardens even. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a family that does the whole nine yards. Herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers on a large enough scale to have nearly a years supply. If you start eating potatoes as soon as they flower you need a lot of plants to get any into storage for winter and replanting as seed. I'm talking freezing everything that will freeze too, canning cases of peaches. freezing berries and apple pie filling. Even cantaloupe will freeze if done right. Of course this takes a lot of freezer space. Multiple freezers. It takes work too. I don't know anyone with the determination and the dedication. Okay after retirement at say 60 it is a lot of work, and there are those that say why bother when you can buy it at the farmers market. The farmers market is no guarantee the quality will be any better than store bought or that it will be organic. In most countries organic means nothing. Just a higher price. Yet before the advent of the super market people used to do just this. But few single people. It is pretty hard to do this in the evening and on weekends. Some one has to earn money. 
Believe me I've looked, if there was anyone with this skill, determination and dedication to the good food good life I'd be on my knees offering her half my kingdom. I think the breed has died out in the name of progress. Probably the worst weed you can have in your garden is the couch potato. I've had a few of those. Eat the peas and carrots and leave the weeds. Well I'm still looking but will probably be dead before I find who I'm looking for. See I can't compete with grand babies, internet and other things more fun than getting their hands dirty. But that is okay, when I open a jar of peaches in winter or take a pie out of the oven all that dirt and hard work is forgotten. 
A lot of people do this, can even remember my mom doing a huge garden, she even had two locations that were huge, a large freezer and a couple of bins in the cooler, shelves full of pickles, jars of fruits. She could do all this work by herself, including weeding and hilling potoatoes. I learn from my mother on how to grow veggies but fruit came from B.C. where her family live, so every fall we would come home with cases of fruits to can. One garden she had grew raspberries, strawberries and red rhubarb.

Dad had a family that farm, so our beef, chicken and pork came from there, he even hunt wild meat, so we had lots of proteins cut up to family size to last us the whole winter.

Some people do rent a container for gardening so that they can grow some fresh veggies. Some are allow to have apartment size container to do their growing.
i have two gardens, one in my backyard, small and one out of town, I have, strawberries,raspberries,apple,saskatoons, mulberries, and kiwi, in my yard, also 22 tress and 10 bushes, and many many flowers, I also have lots of herbs and I do canning every fall, so there are some people out there that still do it the old way   lol lol
I find that the quality at the farmer's markets to vary widely. My Mother taught me that if you like sweet corn, you build a fire next to the corn stalk and bend the stalk over and cook the ears right on the stalk. I know how impractical that is but I got the point. The fresher, the better. There's no fresher vegetable than one harvested from your own garden. Besides, it's very gratifying to make things grow.
I support and applaud my fellow gardeners for the hard work and enjoyment at the dining table.
I have a rural garden, it was pretty big but now most of it is fruit bushes. As 1 to person the need for massive amounts of goods dropped.