With the ever so changing world of internet, nothing stay the same, more so since Bill Gates sold his servers. We in here are getting older, not into the education and working force, some of us are retired, so we are in our comfort zone when we log onto our computer and the younger generation keep changing our world, so are we ready to be changed by the younger generation?

When you cannot open any image attachments, your e mailing software may be different for many reasons, it could be the software that your images are saved by to protect your computer and pictures and whatever you have saved on your computer, that are sent by internet into cyber space, so some images are saved in a different format to protect you and your computer.

I gotten an e-mail from a certain person that received an e-mail from me and can't open it, asking me to send it in another format, well what format I thought? jpeg, png, bitmap? well I learn upon myself that it was none of these that were the case, it was the case of how you want to view it, So, Window photo viewer is one way, as most of you have saved your images, images are saved by many different format in how you want to view it and protected by the cyber world we live in today, and when you can't open any attachments in e-mails, you can click on the image in the attachment and a menu will appear, go down to where it say
"Open with" scroll down how you want to view that images.

Also, not many females knows about computer, most of us think it is a guy thing to know about computers, there are a few females on this Earth that knows computers, went to school, but there are getting to be more and more females now a day that are learning computers and the internet world.