For folks who love home made dishes!

You can use either fresh tomatoes or like I do diced canned tomatoes.


2 cans diced tomatoes no herbs and spices OPT (freshly diced tomatoes about 12 medium size)
6 large green peppers diced
Note ( you may OPT to use coloured peppers for added visual appeal, but the ratio of three peppers per can must hold)
1 medium to large onion diced
4 garlic buds crushed and sliced (optional)
Salt to liking
Pepper to liking
chilli flakes to liking (optional)
Franks hot pepper sauce (optional)
4 cans of tomato paste

Simply use a pot that all the ingredients will fit into add the tomatoes and diced ingredients to the pot and simmer on a low fire till the peppers soften or if you prefer you may opt to have them crunchy. Bring the ingredients to a gentle boil and add the tomato paste and stir till you get a homoginized mixture then let chill and serve.

Depending upon how hot you like it you can add your favorite punishment.
Easy on the onions cause the more onions the sweeter the salsa will be.
For the folks who love large chunks just dice your peppers in large cubes.
For extra crunchy salsa bring the tomatoes to a gentle boil and then add the peppers and test to satisfactory level of crunchiness and add the tomato paste.

Folks like all recipies this is my method it is a base to start with, you can alter the contents to your liking and it may take a few ties to get it to your liking but believe me once you get it down right to your taste buds.....You will never buy another jar of store salsa.

I have had resturant owners offering to buy the recipie or even make it for them....

Note you can cut the recipie in half, cause it gives you four quarts of salsa. So not to waste the ingredients till you get it right I suggest you use half the recipie till you have perfected your salsa to your liking

REMEMBER the worst home cooked meal is always better than any store bought food. maybe not as easy but much tastier..

Let me know how you have faired..

hi thank you for the receipe -i love salsa so am definitely going to give it a go -will ley you know how it turns out