The story is John Tory, he won the mayoral seat for Toronto, Ontario Canada. He is the 65th mayor of Toronto. John is also a guy who wants to get things done for the people of Toronto. He is interested in Smart Track versus adding any more additional subway trains that Ford was pushing for. He won a 40.3% over his opponents Doug Ford 33.7% and Olivia Chow at 23.1%.

It is nice to see that John Tory won and it will be interesting to see what he can do in the next 4 years. Of course he has Rob Ford who won in his own riding of Etobicoke and he may be a thorn in John Tory's side but we will see what the story is with John Tory.  :shock:
Since Allison Redford step down, Alberta needed a new priemier. The by election in four areas in Alberta, the P.C. won again last night, so now we got Jim Prentice. So the P.C. are still going, wonder how he is going to clean up the mess? Will he keep his promise? Only time will tell and I don't think I will be alive when and that is a big "When" we will get out of debt again.