I have been involved with retired Greyhound most of my life I would take them out of bad situations and find them kind loving homes and fell in love with a few along the way I was scrolling through Facebook like I do most days and I just found myself connected to a video from China omg there was a man with a lovely Greyhound in arms just going to lower this beautiful dog in a boiling tub of water it sent shivers down my back to think what pain that poor dog suffered.why have Facebook got these videos with no warning it certainly brought a tear to my eye.
I know what you mean but it can be a good idea to check the source of such videos and block the group or individual from appearing on your timeline feed.
This is precisely why Facebook members are leaving the social network in their droves. The content is not monitored as diligently as it should be. After all, it was Facebook who organised and perpetuated Donald Trump's on-line election campaign. Says it all, really.