I am wondering does anyone else out there in the world feel that "the connections" we once had with family and friends aren't as important to our family and friends as they are to maybe the individual? I am a mom and have two grown daughters, one lives close the other two hours away and there is always a reason why they can't visit (it hurts). Then I have several friends, they live about fourty five miles away and yet it is too far for them to drive to see me, but they want me to drive to see them or there again is a reason they can't visit or can't meet up for lunch.
Why is it life has to be so busy that people can't take time for really what should be of importance, like family and friends? How many of you out there feel that the "connections" between family and friends are a lost thing in todays world?
Hi shopgirl101
I hear ya. I noticed this too. I don't have the answer other than to say that we are drifting into new territory these days with everyone being so busy that it is increasingly inconvenient to add another thing into the schedule. Gone are the slower times when visiting someone or getting to know them deeper mattered. Maybe the instant gratification world we live in is the cause. It does hurt.
Livefree, you are right. What once was important in the age of our younger years doesn't seem to be that of today. It does hurt and I think that is one reason I am pushing myself to start living life again even though it is a bit scary.
Your so brave shopgirl101! (I like your name)
I decided that I would keep seeking that closeness with my family and if nothing else the next generation will wonder about that kooky grandmother they had that kept wanting to connect. Maybe it will be missing so much in the future they will look back and at least someone would have been the example...how can you tell I am an optimist. :D
I am with you girls, it has been that way with me and my family also. It seems the computer has taken over our lives.  Why should they drive here when they can just skype us. Also they don't seem to have the same emotions we have.  We are dying inside with missing our kids and grandkids but I don't think they are.  Their world is full, they don't need us anymore.  :(

I gave my whole life and now it is too late for me to meet anyone to be close with. 
Hi canadianfeline (yes a shorter name like "feline" would be easier, it is feminine too)
Yup, I blame the computer with it's instant gratifications. Sorry to hear that you feel it is
too late and that might be true for you. I somehow can't surrender. I'm still hopeful that I
will find someone to be close too.
meantime we have each other...I have always believed women need women in their lives.
Dads leave, our sons leave, our husbands leave so where are we without some good women
to share with.
Hope I didn't offend you canadafeline...really your name is fine...I'm just being lazy with typing. :)
livefree don't you worry about that for one minute.  I don't get offended very easy. I should have chosen a shorter name.  I am just pleased that you are so friendly to me.  thank you for that. 
Nice you both came together as friends ... what's in a name ... it's about the person x
thanks trixiebell, I would like to think of you as a friend too. Welcome. :D
Thank you ladies for the chatter and for the understanding. My girls rather text me than call me and yes the computer has taken over the world and it keeps going and saying how it makes life simpler. I used to love getting letters from friends and calls from family on birthdays and holidays, today I am lucky to get a text that says "Happy Mothers Day" "Love you mom".
As for to late to find someone?? I too am hopeful, I am only 51 and still pretty active with only a few cracks and dents but still living a full life. Its never too late to find someone to be close to, example a couple from my church are in thier late eightys and they just celebrated thier 5th wedding anniversary. God does work in mysterious ways.
I am glad that I am making some friends even if you are far away or near by...May I add you to my friends list?
trixibell wrote: Nice you both came together as friends ... what's in a name ... it's about the person x

That is true Trixibell
thanks for joining us
Nice picture Shopgirl101
I find that when you stop making the effort to go see your friends then you dont ever hear from them again. Then I doubt what kind of friends they were in the first place.
I agree and I am also struggling with the "busyness" everyone seems to be. Even when those of us feel the disconnection and reach out, there seems to be always a reason why it's inconvenient at that time, and even when pushed for another date, another day, there seems to be a reluctance to agree. It does feel that you are only good enough if nothing more important, more exciting comes up. I am facing this with family and some friends and my husband and I keep reminding myself that if it was as important to them as it is to me, they to would make the effort also.
In the meantime, I am fighting my shyness and trying to re-establish a life with new friends, new contacts that will also reach out. It's hard for me, but I took my first step in joining this site and I am really hoping to meet people who are willing to be friends and chat once in a while. :)