Truthfully, all over the world,  anyone else having a tough time, in different areas of their lives? 
At this point in your “sh** happens” plan, you’re probably thinking that you’re the only person in the world that is dealing with this. You’re not alone. We all have baggage we’re dealing with – it’s how we deal with that baggage that makes us who we are.
Actually no, beyond that point. Where are you?
Where have ya been. We miss you in chat.
If ya need a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear.
Im here for ya.
Hang in there, Sweetie. Hugzzzz
All good Leah. And thank you for your lovely "reach out". What a lovely gesture.
Nothing major, trying to get someone to fix my heating than a second thing broke and then a third.Very frustrating,but very small in the larger scheme of things.
Look on the bright side, Clad.
Ya dont need the heat for a few months.
And ya can heat the water on the stove. lol
Keep yer chin up.
Hi Claddagh, hope you got your annoying " things" sorted out. yeah it's the pebble in the shoe that gets to us at times but 3 pebbles could drive u nuts.... ....... :? ..............you begin to wonder why me?............but it happen to us all.Someone gave me an answer to why me one time and i felt like hitting him.............he said why not you ................it took a while to sink in what he meant.....hope all is good with you, Tony :wink:
Ah Thank you Tony for your reply and empathy.
Hope you are having a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend. 
Think you got the wrong person . I am Martin (or Mockingjay ) but it was nice and friendly . Anyway its late and i have to be up for work in the morning . Hope you think this is Tony so you write again .

Tony is the man above my photo. The message was for him about a forum reply. Tony got the message. :)
Hi Claddagh , wow, such a positive reply ...................good to have you as a friend...........catch up sometime soon in the chatroom.Hope all's well with you. Tony
PEARLW wrote: You’re not alone..

You are so right in this. Following my own PTSD breakdown I felt that I was. Then the UK charity Combat Stress (Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society) took me on board and I found there were loads like me. At one of their respite homes I met many of all ages and all conflicts, but with all the same feelings! Chatting with them started me on the road to my recovery!
All these bad times that we get, there is always a way out. It just happens and let it. Go with the flow is what I do. 
Then you look back and you can ask yourself, why was I worried about it.
Does that make any sense to anyone?