boltged57 wrote: good evening I know this is my 1st post ,as I've not been on here for a while ,but i'll just like to say that we all need friends and true friends will always be there for you ,and not just when they're after something,and I'm pleased to meet you x

Hi boltged57 you are welcome to call in the chat room where you can make new friends. We are a friendly crowd  with both men and women of varying ages willing to talk to you.
I have found it a life-saver in times of loneliness and often go on to see if anyone is around and invariably leave with a smile on my face. :D   :D   :D   
I'm jealous. Nobody ever trolls ME. :lol:
I'll be your personal troll DF :lol:

DaddyFish wrote: I'm jealous. Nobody ever trolls ME. :lol:

The quiet one never get picked on by the you know who. :wink:
unfortunately a lot of guys that get upset if you don't give them your info right away, i think are players ,just looking for fun an to see whom is naive enough to fall for it,an they want to see how far they can take it be for the girl gets wise .an when they do ,thats when they dump or block you . but those kind of men or women you need to just brush move on. an even if a guy or girl dose not know your only looking for friends an they say they want more,then they should have read your hole profile,if they were really that interested in you for more then just friends . they must not be all that interested if they don't  
Friends -- and family -- are important. Maybe the challenge for some people is that an online venue is an uncomfortable or unfamiliar way for them to make friends. I know that I find myself uncomfortable with the use of forums and chat rooms to get to know people.

(I find it odd, too, that this is the case, because I have been using computers since before Microsoft went public. You'd think I'd have figured it out by now ... oh, now you know how old and decrepit I have become!) 

I think the reason some men and women block or don't respond to an email or smile may be something to do with the our loss of letter-writing skills. Back in the day, writing letters to friends was routine ... until we lost that art, perhaps as a result of the expanded use of telephones. 

I think that most people these days are so unused to the idea of getting to know people simply through writing that we forget that we have to be honest and thoughtful in our written communications. I also think that the expanded use of social media, with rapid-fire responses to jokes and pokes and likes and thumbs ups and all of that has diminished the quality of our communications. 

To write well includes the need to be slow and thoughtful, careful and honest, deliberate and intentional. 

My two cents.  
I believe it's better when they added you and than quickly left rather than texting for a while, getting to know each other, and then all of a sudden being kicked away for no reason. We all need good true friends to talk to but the time leaves only most faithful. So, just consider it not a loss or a problem, but an experience. Maybe this "friend" wouldn't eventually be of any help. 
I am finding that the "smile" option is not getting much of a response. there are one of two sending smiles back but nothing after that, even if I message them. I`m wondering if it isn`t better to send a message to begin with, perhaps a smile isn`t enough to indicate interest, especially sending to someone who isn`t serious about getting to know people.
I wasn't sure what to make of those smiles, I just assumed it meant you were happy that that person was there, or part of the forum, kind of like a thumbs up?Image
If a 'friend' just disappears without an explanation then be thankful.

"Friend: one who knows all about you and loves you just the same" ...Elbert Hubbard