ok so my new hobby for this year is to start getting rid of my debt..
lets add something to save money ,decrease debt faster or increase savings

My first one is ..as above

strip off the clothes,in other words get rid of your landline ...
It will save you on your monthly bill
I found the secret is not to think ..well that's only $15 a month, if you do that with say four bills that's $60 that could be going on decreasing your credit card debt,as a rule I review my bills at least every 6mths,usually more often..
Love to hear anyone elses tips.
Sorry......I'm American..........most of us just roll the dice and "let it ride" :lol: :lol:
lol not talking about
strip poker :lol:  
Hi Jaffa. I would like to give you some ideas as I worked in banking over 40 years and credit card debt is a universal problem!
What I would suggest is to refinance the whole amount on to a consolidation loan with monthly repayments which are well within your budget so there is less likelihood of wanting to build up any more credit. Then you have a clear plan to remove the debt completely. For this to work you should not use the card for any further spending; it is too easy! Credit cards prey on our weakness to spend easily whenever we feel like it!
Credit card interest rates are usually high and the debt is hard to control as it is an ongoing account with interest charges making it difficult to make progress in reducing the debt in the short term.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do!
Or grow a money tree? :wink:
money tree..good..
Graham I have found most consolidation schemes here  actually have a higher interest rates..
might be different in the UK  
agree with your last sentiment... 
also found that if I get rid of the smaller amounts first,it gives me more to pay off the next higher debt quicker 
Have you compared the APR(Annual Percentage Rate) of the card to compare with the loan as card interest is usually charged monthly and if a flat rate is quoted it can be misleading as interest is compounded month by month? It surprises me if a card where you have freedom to spend is a higher rate than a loan with a planned repayment as lending rates are usually linked to risk and credit card providers add a premium to the interest rate to allow for potential bad debts.
The only credit card I have is a company one and used ONLY FOR COMPANY PURCHASES

I have specifically asked to have my wages paid in cash. I keep my money in the bottom shelf of my freezer and pay all my bills in cash. I have one bank account which has only $25 in it. I drive a 19 year old car which looks as though it came out of showroom yesterday and is maintained properly. I don't own a house. I rent one and pay for it with money order.  

I buy everything I need in cash. You would be surprised how much people are willing to discount stuff when they see cash.

No fraud threat, no credit card debt, no funny calls and I have not had a land line in my home since 2006

My postal address is a PO box number at the post office. Life is serene



very disciplined  Broadcaster,I'm impressed
Pity you didn't give me you actually address,as I was going to offer to defrost your freezer   :P
Someone said 'Soon there will be no cash" well paper money that is turning into plastic money and soon there will be none of that anymore, our money value will only be figures.
It seems likely in the future stardaisy. It is already a possibility in the UK that cheques will be phased out and cash is used much less than it was a few years ago because of the ease and cheapness of making and receiving payments electronically. Banknotes are expensive to produce and have a short life; also there is always the risk of theft and fraudulent notes being made. I can see a future where cards or mobile phones are used to buy anything, even a coffee.
It already happens here Graham we have cards now were you just wave them instead of standing in a queue
Yes Jaffa, we have had contactless cards here for a while but can be used only for small amounts as there is an element of risk where card payments are not fully authorized.
They may be talking about it but cash= freedom 
There would be a revolution if cash goes away

 For starter the biggest mob cartels who feed politicians would not allow that and this is the one place that the mobsters may be the saviour of the cash society. 
I think it will be after my time if that happens and if that is so then ..... who cares I won't be here . I am just hoping that my time will end just before end of the month when the freezer is at its least value. And didn't I mention my address is a P.O. Box #......? I give you a clue it has been the same since I arrived in the USA 17 years ago.


This makes me wonder how long before we have tattoo's or microchips implanted to be scanned for all our payments, financial, medical and personal history/identification.