Good bye

It's time to say good bye my love, I gave it all I had,
you broke my heart in many pieces, now I am so sad.
Cannot go forth with you today, you'll have to go alone
don't knock on my door or call me, I won't pick up the phone...

I'll treasure all the moments, though moments, they were few
You can be a real sweet guy sometimes, but it isn't really you.
The real you picks and pokes at me, to keep me right in place
Your abuse has pushed me much too far, so I'll give you all your space.  

I don't care if you miss me, I don't care if you cry
really darling, from my heart, I don't care if you die.
I smile as I walk out the door, freedom, here I come
Often wonder to myself "how could I have been so dumb"
bye bye my sweet, good luck to you
may the next one break your heart
She should trample on your life
and break you all apart.
Time is short,
I got to go.........
He's waiting there for me
After helping me to see the light
so I could finally be free...
In my best dress, I look so nice
the guys will all look twice
I'll dance and sing,
I might just swing
but I won't
be with you

© JessyB, 9:37am, Thursday, July 31, 2014

You leaving Plus50 on us?
You should be so lucky......... :lol:
I'm here for the long haul, just so I can agitate you fish.   :wink:  

:lol: :lol: :lol:
You'd miss me Fish, I have grown on you, like the scales on your back....
LOL love the poem  :lol:
Thank you Morton  :D