CHARITY London Ontario business owner hopes free scarves around Men’s Mission will keep vulnerable people warm, encourage good deeds in return By Dale Carruthers,
The London Free Press Tuesday, January 27, 2015 2:03:34 EST PM

About a dozen brightly coloured scarves dangled from trees, signposts and stairway bannisters outside the Men’s Mission on York St. Monday morning. By afternoon, many were gone, likely keeping one of the city’s most vulnerable protected against the bitter cold.

London business owner Robin Manton has scattered 112 of the scarves — some homemade, others store-bought — around the downtown area. Inspired by similar campaigns in other cities, the idea behind the winter wear giveaway is simple: Anyone can take the scarves. In return, an attached tag asks recipients to pay it forward with a good deed. “By doing this, I’m hoping it will start a conversation with people that might not need the scarves but will read the tag and realize that there are people that are still out there that don’t have enough clothes,” said Manton, who knitted some of the scarves herself.

Outside the Men’s Mission, a shivering man with a cigarette dangling from his mouth walked up and took a scarf and pair of gloves. The homeless are often underdressed and suffer frostbite and other weather-related ailments, said Unity Project executive director Chuck Lazenby, who praised the scarf giveaway. “The other thing that is really important about doing this kind of thing is that it shows that the community cares,” Lazenby said. Manton and her fellow volunteers, including her daughter and father, spent Monday tying the scarves to whatever they could find around Mission Services, the Salvation Army Centre of Hope, Victoria Park and along Dundas St.

The giveaway kicks off as the London area is gripped by a deep freeze. Forecasters are calling for sub-zero temperatures all week, with the mercury plunging to –14 C Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Meredith Vieria show talked about this that if you have a scarf or two put it on a tree, a post, etc. Here are some kind comments about what others say about it.

Comments from others: What a great thing to do. You are making a huge difference Robin. Simple acts of kindness. One step at a time.

Another lady said: What one woman had to say: Love this! What a nice idea. Makes me want to search through my things as well and donate what I don't need. A lot of us have clothes we just never wear that can serve someone else.  

There are too many nice comments to post so check out the link: ... -good-deed

I took the same idea and carried it forward by going out today and putting scarves and ski mitts (never worn) attached them to a hydro pole right near a bus shelter hoping when riders get on and off the bus will see them, it is bitter cold here in Toronto. I attached a note to them and the note said "please if you are in need or if you know someone please take and keep warm."

I heard that it is bitterly cold there Angel, lucky it isn't that cold here. However, there are lots of organization that give way stuff like that. Backpacks full of stuff as well. I think it is a wonderful idea.

I was at No Frill store getting a few groceries and was ask today if I would donate $2.00, that money goes into a breakfast program. When my son was attending elementary school, the only school too that had the breakfast program. Little kids goes to school hungry because their parent/s don't have the time to make sure they have breakfast. This way the kids start school on a full stomach, not only that, even if they had breakfast at home, it still a good program to get good social skills. Now this breakfast program is for all the school in Airdrie.

Yes my son would leave after he had breakfast and head down to the breakfast program to meet some of his peers, he sometimes has more breakfast there, some times he would just sit with them and socialize with them.