Are glands at the base of your neck in a shape of a butterfly. Here the Doctors call it Goiter, most common name can be heard as Thyroid.

I have several friends that has as most call, “Under Active Thyroid”, which is the most common found in Adults, there are some with over Active Thyroid.

The first signs you will see with over active thyroid.... is several mental problems and mood swings, anxiety attacks. Then the rest of your health will go downhill.

The worst kind of illness anyone can have as far as I am concern, you can end up with Aneurism, Tireness, hearing loss, hair loss, Gingivitis and many other health issues, going on Oxygen because you can’t breath, many different parts of your body will start giving out.

To keep your Goiter healthy is Iodine which can be found in normal table salt.

Most Doctor will put you on call Synthroid if you are dignose with Underactive Thyroid, there are other meds for it as well, but most doctors will put you on Synthroid.

Years ago, it was surgical remove.



Happy reading, stay fit and have fun. :D