I am from New Jersey. Best fried chicken I have had is when I go South to Carolina, Georgia etc.
What's your recipe or tips for moist fried chicken? Breaded or batter. Deep fried or in a chicken fryer?
Hi 13tony13,
I also love fried chicken! I cook it the way my mom used to...in a well seasoned deep (2-3") iron skillet, breaded with flour that is seasoned with salt and pepper. Keeping it simple gives you the full flavor of the chicken, but if you like a spicy breading then feel free to add your favorite spices. The key to moist fried chicken is having the grease hot enough to get a good scald on the chicken - kind of like searing a steak. I also use shortening melted down, not cooking oil. I cook it for about five minutes on each side at high heat, then turn down to medium to finish the cooking without putting a lid on it because I like it crispy - I do, however, us a splatter screen to keep down the mess! Bear in mind I'm using a gas range, and not electric because it's harder to change the temperature quickly on the electric range. The length of time depends on how many pieces you have in the skillet, and the size of those pieces, and the diameter of the skillet. I use a 10", and let it cook for about an hour if the skillet is full.