Anything Adele and Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man"[*] Oh, one more - Frank Sinatra's "My Funny Valentine"
Hymn to Her-The Pretenders
Jason Mraz - I won't give up

:lol:  ok ok, am having a week of sorting my head out, yes I know it will take years to get my head sorted.  :lol: if you got inside my head right now, you would not find your way out. so back to what I wanted to ask  OMG how do you all do the link thing to youtube ? you just click on to the link an hey presto your there  :shock: so imagine the fun I could have doing the link thing, but sadly I think its beyond my capability   :cry:  and why is that you must be asking. its simple I do not do big words or understand them. I feel very left out   :cry:  so Gwyn more chocolate please  that will have to do  :lol: sorry but I had to post it somewhere so I chose here  :D 
[quote="Fargo56"]Poignant songs that you love and you don't really know why. Maybe because in their darkness they remind you that even pain can be beautiful.

My first choice
Maybe not to everyone's taste and you have to ignore the cheesy video but there's just something about this that gets me