did you ever see a guy on a place like this who is so handsome he makes your heart skip a beat . you correspond with him a couple times and his words are like the sweetest thing you have ever read. and then you find out he wasn't even real and admin took his letters out of your profile box?  :lol:
If his picture looks like Harrison Ford or Antonio Banderas, chances are he ain't. Just because a guy's picture is attractive, doesn't mean he is an an attractive person, it just means he knows what you want to fantasize. There are lots of interesting, amusing men on 'chat', listen to how they interact with everyone and you'll get a much better idea of who they are. Chances are if he messages you with sweet words and compliments... he's a scammer. If he talks about his dog and going fishing, chances are he has a dog and is going fishing.
It amazes me after one exchanged message, I have now become the love of his life. He then says on the second message, we need to talk privately and wants to exchange email addys and private chat room options. I respond stating I do not give out personal information without fully knowing who I am giving it too. If you wish to visit we can even meet here in chat, to continue to get to know each other. I have never gotten a third message. LOL
I have been told I dont have a romantic streak, or that I am just to dam inquiring. I call it cautious. Before I give my personal information, and then follow with my heart, I want to make sure where its going and to whom.
To put it bluntly, if you overlook the warning signs, follow the yellow brick road, chances are you will meet the evil wizzard.
Be careful out there, and this applies to both sexes.
I have posted a few articles about these scammers way back when. You can read them here:


-DF :)
  Sound advice. (Wow, I better be good!)
DaddyFish wrote: I have posted a few articles about these scammers way back when. You can read them here:


-DF :)

Thanks so much for this DF
canadianfeline wrote: did you ever see a guy...who is so handsome [he gives you a heart attack]...then you find out he wasn't real

It doesn't happen just to women.

I recommend:
(1) Wear a blindfold when you write to him. More chance you will see the inner him rather than the outer him. No peeking! Being easily swooned by looks is a common problem. It's like breathing nitrous oxide. Sense goes right out the window. At least close your eyes when you write to him. Of course that means knowing how to touch type, rather than hunt and peck.
(2) Regular exercise to protect your heart. Heart failure isn't fun.
You are a lot of fun Rod.   :lol:

I got another one this morning but the administrative team removed it.
Hello all great posts and all right on!!!
I joined the site last night and just love it!!
Thank goodness for all the great advice. tty all later - gotta get back to my work.
Trying not to be such a lonely widow - the site helps. Thanks again.