Hotel 50 Plus Group
On the internet highway,
I'm losing my hair,
Warm smell of fresh coffee
Rising up through the air,
I adjusted my laptop;
The screen was too bright,
My head felt heavy,
My eyes were tired;
I'd been online through the night.
As I walked through the doorway,
I heard the sound of a bell,
I knew that sleep would bring nightmares,
And my dreams would be hell:
So, I lit me a candle,
To brighten my way,
I heard voices in my head,
I'm sure i heard them say:

Welcome to the hotel 50plusgroup,
Such a pretty place,
It's my favourite place,
Welcome to the hotel 50plusgroup,
Any time of year,
You will find me here!

My mind is twisted,
I drive a Skoda not a Benz,
I am proud of my achievements;
I have got online friends,
At last I realise
I'm conditioned to receive;
I can sign off any time I like
But I can never leave!

Welcome to the hotel 50plusgroup,
It's the resting place
Of the human race.
Welcome to the hotel 50plusgroup,
Though I've had enough
I simply can't sign off!
Oh Rick! This is so funny!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Very well put Rick - enjoyed it :lol:
Rick this so Funny
Thanks for sharing..