jaffa33 wrote: I'm house-sitting for my Aunt,  and  her rather untrained dogs in September, down the top of South Island,for two weeks, I think because like my pooch theirs aren't any better trained (there will be four dogs,her two & her friends two) and I'm a big sook when it comes to dogs .

They are paying for my airfares ...so all good,my cousin lives there too so we can go on the rantan & go tikki-touring during the day,maybe I might even go skiing as there are ski fields near by..then again maybe not lol 

 It is often cheaper to get someone you trust into house-sit your animals than to put them in kennels and they are happier animals staying home,imagine the bill to kennel for four dogs for two weeks!!
So I'll get a place to stay,use of her car,my cousin to play with and travel expenses paid for :D  

Can we all come Jaffa? :D
Yeah go on then...everyone can come
Did I mention the wine is supplied too..
My Auntie is going to love me!!! 
Cool! one big party for us? I am coming too. :wink: