Thank you Rubysolo and Applemac. You know, I can't explain it, but a couple of days away from him and the house have done me a world of good. I feel stronger. Maybe because I've been eating, sleeping and have 15 new pages of a chapter written that I am rapidly bringing to a close. Yes am a bit lonely and feel displaced, but somehow the displacement in a strange hotel room is not so bad as the displacement in the home where everything has become strange, except my daughter, who is wonderful and amazing and my rock. I may just be done fighting for him and for us. I think I will consult a lawyer. I know OK is a joint property state, but noting really beyond that. He is Catholic, not me. He is a well known person in our town (active leader in church, TV and radio show, big job on campus, award winning this and that, nationally recognized author (I was his main editor) on numerous boards, etc., etc. and very proud of all. I am a homemaker, online teacher, and graduate student. I have been very careful not to talk many people (on this website, a friend in another state, my therapist) because my friends all know his friends and even though universities are big, they can be quite small. I've spent weeks hurting, begging, crying, panicking, feeling my world ending while protecting him and his reputation. And feeling lost because he does not want me anymore and has been unequivocal about that. I know I may not be able to keep this mood. I don't feel angry or vindictive, but centered. Not a Victim. This community has helped. I keep hearing Cher now, "Do You Believe in Life After Love?" You know, I am beginning to see that I can. Thank you again, lovely people!