Rod___ wrote:
stardaisy wrote: ...but there are males that can break female heart as well.

But...not as efficiently and expertly as women can break male hearts. If you can picture a Bruce Lee, with breasts. Hoo-ha!...kung fu-ing love. Chop suey-ing it, even. Before you know's a mess. A metaphor comes yet another disorder. lol

Well I don't know Rod, I suppose you have not seen my experience, so I can relate to your comment. :)
Graham1 wrote: Oh no! Not a Japanese martial arts disorder? What ever would judo about it? :lol:

Graham...when I have that disorder...when I am in Bruce Lee mode...nothing can be done about it. I have the stance down...I have the fierce face excuse me, I really gotta go...I have the whine down. Oooooooooh...ahhhh! Any cat near me would be terrified and immediately scurry for cover. It only comes on me now and then. But believe me...the spirit of Bruce lives.

P.S. Best to not insult the warrior gods of Hong Kong by saying Japan. The samurai were pretty hot with swords. And they are certainly no slouches at judo. But if you wanna see someone spaghettified...fuggettabout it. That belongs to the Hong Kong kung-fu-wa-chong film industry.
Hi Rod. This is my first time checking out this forum and clicked on yours. You are an interesting person. There won't be any problem about human population because 'Nature' will cause starvation and of course there will be wars. There are always wars ...sigh..It's like the Lemmings on the cliffs. It's impossible to truly destroy the planet. Mother earth will always keep a balance whether there are humans on it or not. We have different opinions about many things. One example is that you feel humans have a larger impact on global warming than I do. We are mere fleas and just an aggravation in my opinion. JAN :)
Read the latest by Tom Horton. I disagree with you but your well thought out perspective is appreciated.
It sounds like you agree with culling the herd, Rod. Well, you'll be happy to know there is already a huge depopulation plan in place, it is called United Nations Sustainable Development - the agenda for the 21st Century. The psychopaths who already make the plans for the world - you know - the 1% of the 1% - the movers and shakers, the Bilderbergs, Trilaterral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, The Tavistock Institute, Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - along with the United Nations have been hard at work with their think tanks wondering how to get rid of these pesky 7 billion - on its way to 9 billion before the end of this century. Because poison in the food, water, vaccines - even in the air isn't working fast enough.

Go look at their insidious plan Rod - don't forget - it includes you because they see us all as useless eaters (quoting some globalist sicko)
Humans are a cancer on the earth (quoting David Rockefeller)
The earth has cancer and the cancer is man (unknown globalist without a soul)
I hope to return as a virus to depleat the population (quoting Prince Philip)
Maintain the population at 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature (Georgia Guidestones)

If you would like to learn more about this - I can offer you as much as you wish, but I don't believe we see things quite the same way
Keep saying it Sister, but remember majority are blind. Remember if the wording isn't working for the left they change it.
All the false information about global warming.. All the predictions about the polar ice caps....none came to be. But since the words global warming aren't working it is being replaced with the words climate change.
With the thinking that even violent crime wording needs to be downgraded, we now have the word "rape" being replaced with the words" sexual assault".
Hummmmmmm a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down.
A lie is no longer a lie, its my perspective of the events that are truth. My truth is all I need to worry about, lets not worry about the facts concerning a issue, all I need to believe is my truth. That thought is taught in schools. You don't need to get the math problem right. You will be given credit for a wrong answer because that is your "truth" of the correct answer. Hands up, I swear, I was given that piece of information when my daughter told me something concerning what happened between her and her sister. I explained since I was there, that never happened. She told me what I stated and her sister stated had nothing to do with truth. Truth is personal, and each person has their own perspective of truth. I asked what about the facts? She then stated with a straight face, that collective truth does not exist today, we deal on how a situation affects each persons own truth. In other words chaos.
Each new question I asked, she got upset, and then she told me she is going to her happy place and now is no longer in conversation with me. :shock: Believe it or not.....Laurie